Satu-satunya Pusat Training dan Rawatan Minda di Malaysia

solutionSelamat datang ke Pusat Rawatan Minda Alpha Team Solutions. Tahukah anda bahawa ketika jari anda membawa ke halaman webblog ini, bererti anda sudah menemukan penyelesaian dari masalah fikiran anda. Pusat Rawatan Minda ini, bukan sekadar rawatan biasa, tetapi juga dengan pendekatan NLP, EFT, BrainWave dan sesi praktikal sehingga jika anda melalui proses rawatan dengan betul, maka penyelesaian masalah anda mesti berhasil.

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The Eye of A Tiger… that is The Khan!

the-khan-age-recovery-health-data-solitude-happy-awesome-thoughts-amc-alphateamsolutions-keajaiabanminda-kuantan-amc-khairanyThe likes of CIA, KGB, Mossad and MI6 were perplexed as to my whereabouts for the past few months. Almost zero digital trace… I had been off the grid and it was not because I was enjoying my annual luxurious solitude nor taking the sabbatical… Not Just Yet!

Nor was I frolicking somewhere on the beautiful beach of Mozambique…. Not Just Yet!

Nor was I enjoying my honeymoon secretly… Not Just Yet!

The Khan collapsed one fine Friday morning and from then on began a new experience for her and to those closest to her. Hence my absence…

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No Cyborg Hearts In This Century

raya-owndoings-health-running-treadmill-crutch-faith-humanity-cyborg-millenial-AMC-thinking-action-alphateamsolutions-keajaibanmindaMaybe it was my own doing, I was thinking of taking things slow, and ‘slooow’ was what I got!

Lesson learnt:

  1. Look before you leap… literally.
  2. And if possible, buy flight tickets on different days so that you give time for your body to rest!

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A Town Like Rompin

“Wow! This is amazing!”

That certainly summed up my recent trip to a town called Rompin.  It was an ‘unplanned’ (by normal standard) trip and the location that I had chosen was certainly different considering that it is the month of Syawal with rounds of endless open houses, weddings and birthdays… ‘Unplanned’ in this context meant that there were no lengthy discussions before hand on the travel details. It was just simply,

“The weather is really nice. How about we go to Rompin?” and we were on the road, an hour after that.

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‘Sorry’ Seems to Be The Hardest Word…?

syawal-ramadhan-mudik-balik-kampung-physical-cultivate-forgiveness-apologize-amc-khairanyTomorrow is Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and I am in front of the laptop… writing, translating, calculating– working… Hehehe… One of the many luxuries in my life that I always enjoy… being here; meaning I am not physically involved in the annual ‘Balik Kampung’ or ‘Mudik’ syndrome. Being here; meaning that I have the time for everything that I want to and errr… for everything I have to do.

Hari Raya, is the time for all Muslims to rejoice for having gone through a month long of mental, physical, and spiritual training stint.

Hari Raya, also marks a new and better beginning whereby Muslims are supposed to continue practicing all the good things that they had trained themselves throughout the previous Ramadhan. Continue reading

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In search of Positive Aura? Clean Up!

I did not realized it until I saw the tents and booths across town. At first thought, football match? Only when I headed towards the state mosque and saw the same scenario… aaah… Ramadhan! Yes, I have been quite occupied, and more so in May. Apart from my usual series of fortunate events, the highlight of course, was the back-to-back Platinum classes.

The whole group of us (Platinum Luminaries) was overjoyed knowing that Pak Firman was coming to town. Why the feeling? Unlike other courses, AMC only offers two (2) levels; the AMC and Platinum AMC… and that was it. Nothing else. All has been given and it all depends on the Luminaries to ‘modify’, ‘attract’ and to ‘create’ anything they ‘fancy’… Hehehe… Continue reading

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Ada Apa Dengan Nama?

Scene 1(this happened when I was in my previous job).:

A: Wow, your name is totally different from other people’s name.
Me: I take it as a compliment. Thank you.
A:You’re welcome. But that’s not your name, right? Your real name?
Me: What do you mean, sir?
A: I mean your real, real-lest (that person did say that!) name. Your Malay name. Like Siti or Aminah…
Me: *chuckled* According to my IC, that is legitimately my name since I was born. I guess my dad was creative enough to put my name as such.
A: …*smiled and walked away*

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Money Made Me Do It!

In a galaxy far, far away there is a place called The State… where no one has gone before… A partial account when Time stood still… there!

The Judge:

We are here today to witness the proceeding of the case between The State against Money. It has now come to our attention that both parties can no longer resolve their differences and have decided to take the matter to this court. We will hear both parties, state their cases and You, the intelligent people of The State shall be the judge and decide on the matter. Today, I am here to ensure the proceedings are according to the Constitution and the Rule of Law of our land. We shall now begin! Continue reading

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