Where to find Perfection?

Allah is Perfection.

Al Quran is the words of Allah.

Thus, the most perfect book on earth. The best guide or manual for all Muslims around the world. Why Muslims and Islam being attacked negatively for centuries. Should it not be that the followers of the book of Allah is near perfect as the book is the best guide ever?

I had been searching for perfection all my life. Asking, searching, acquiring, thinking, debating and again thinking about it all my life and I ended up feeling more confused than before my quest began.

I finally got the answer as i looked into myself and began understanding myself. Is it not what we are supposed to do? Using our own mind and getting to know oneself better? The answer is so close to home and brought tears to my eyes.I finally got the answer when I understood myself; mind, body and soul.

The answer is within me. I now realized that my own mind is the most powerful thing that I possess and it is within my powers to neutralize, modify and create anything i desire in my life.

The Quran states that man/human is the most perfect of all Allah’s creation when he created Adam a.s. Thus the duty of sons of Adam to follow the book of Allah by understanding it using our minds.

The Quran should be analysed not only recited. As recited would not bring much understanding, while analysing it requires the use of our minds to be able to give meaning to all that have been written.

Keajaiban Minda Alpha (Alpha Mind Control) workshop had opened my mind in giving values and meanings to the assigned symbols. I used to ponder the grammar parts of it. Quran should not have grammar mistakes, yet sometimes it uses ‘I’ and other times ‘We’. For example, in the first pillar of Islam the syahadah uses ‘I’ while in our prayers while reciting the Al Fatihah the pronoun ‘We’ is used even when we are performing the solah on our own. Why, pray tell me why? It is not an error as it is the most perfect book, is it not?

The key to understanding the so called ‘inconsistencies’ is our own understanding (using our minds) and not just reciting (using our vocal chords).

Many thanks to Pak Firman Pratama who had pointed out the key in assigning values to meanings of the Quran. My confused days are over! I am now clearer in reading the Al-Quran, embracing its’ content by using my mind and not just my vocal chords.

In conclusion, in striving for perfection, one need not look elsewhere. Just look inside oneself, the answer is in your mind when you begin to understand the power and its wonders. It is the most perfect creation by Allah s.w.t.

When all is well within ourselves; mind, body and spirit, then our strength surfaces. We are able to ward off all attacks from all quarters and we emerge as champions of ourselves, our nation and Islam.


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