Alternative Solution to Medical Ailment through AMC

My mom had been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus since 2010 but according to her doctor it was not something to worry for a 69 year old  as the readings were between 5.5 – 8.0. Nothing alarming as long as she takes care of her diet and exercises regularly. The advice was sound as the doctor said that the condition was due to ageing process. Sounded about right. It’s a process –firstly, there’s a condition, an explanation and finally advice or medication, or both. It’s the accepted fact, right?

kek-ajaibAfter Hari Raya, my mom was taken ill and I had to take her to the hospital to find out. It was her sugar level that had shot up to 15! Plus a not so nice reading of her blood pressure. That was it! No more excuses, it was time for medication.

As much as we hated it, we had to submit to the need to adhere so as to control it to avoid other complications in the future. We struck an understanding that it will be for three (3) months. We were told to come back for another blood test and  reassess the situation then.

Three (3) months passed and her blood test was good. Everything looked good to the doctor and advised to continue the diabetic medication but reduce her blood pressure medication. I was happy but still looking for something better, other than medication.

What if I use other methods?
I have always wanted to apply my AMC knowledge so much but the opportunity never surfaces until recently, with permission from the patient, my mother.

All our lives, we have been programmed to follow all that have been said by the experts, in this case, doctors. We go to them when there is something wrong with us. The acquired knowledge and experience they amassed over the years make them credible in their chosen, respected vocation. Don’t get me wrong, I have the highest respect for them for their selflessness, plus mental & psychological stamina in treating patients 24/7. The story that I am sharing now is not to discredit doctors or the medical practitioners. All I want to do here is just to share my experience and shed some light on how powerful our minds are.

Last week as I was busy with training, I had accidentally forgotten to buy my mom’s medication at our local pharmacy. The fault was all mine, as she had told me two (2) days in advance before her medication ran out. On the day it ran out, upon returning home she asked me about it. Was I really in hot soup at that moment! Wanting to avoid any bad vibes throughout the night, I thought fast.

Armed with the knowledge from AMC and a straight face, I poured her a glass of water and asked her to recite the Al-Fatihah. A bit of ‘rukyah‘ and pray to Allah that everything would be okay.

My mother was skeptical at first but I asked her to put her trust in me and surprisingly, she did after much persuasion.

The next day was D-day and she eagerly wanted to have her blood tested by the diabetic kit that we have at home. I told her it was too soon as it was Subuh. Instead I told her that I would do a random check anytime that day.

The random check was at 6:00pm when I got home from work. The reading was 5.6! That was relatively good for a diabetic who had nasi lemak for breakfast and an ordinary Malaysian lunch of rice, soup and vegetables.

We were amazed beyond words but I reminded my mother not be complacent with her food intake. In all seriousness, I pointed out to her to lead a healthy lifestyle and encourages her to continue being consistent in all her habits. As always, she continues her morning walk, controls her diet and drinks a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily.

All I want for my mom is fulfilled. Her being healthier and staying off medication! In three (3) months, there will be another medical check up. I am confident that my mother’s readings will further improve.

“May the force be with you!”


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