Are You Ready to Embrace Success/Wealth?

Embrace SucessSuccess & rich quotient? I was stunned and baffled when when I was asked to complete the questionnaire in 15 minutes. Not only I had to complete it within the stipulated time but also because of the title and the kind of questions posed. I had never encountered questionnaire of that nature before.

Can anyone quantify success? Success is an abstract concept as it means differently to different people. Hmmm… Same goes for being rich or wealthy. How can I answer the questions when I, myself was unclear on the basis to work with? I diligently did as asked and while waiting for others to finish, I asked the trainer the objective of the questionnaire and the definitions. He just smiled and told me to “just do it”. Hmmm… Looking back, I thought too much at times and too serious about things pertaining to academic in nature.

Time was up and the scores were tabulated. Boy, we were in for a surprise! I was quite happy with my results. The scores were then used as the basis for the next session in our AMC training.

We are products of what & who we think we are. Are we really ready for ‘success’? Are we really ready for ‘wealth’? All of us want the best in life; be it success, wealth,  or health, or all of them. We hope, we pray and we strive towards achieving our goal(s).

In doing so, there are times when we feel down, depress and demotivated after all the time, effort and money  had been invested but the outcome was not as we envisioned.  How many of us had gone down that road? What went wrong? Was our best not good enough? A million ‘why-s’, ‘what if-s’, ‘what could’ve been-s’.

We retraced all our steps and analysed each and everyone of them trying to find the problem. Once we found it, we tried to find solutions to the problem and we start all over again. Hence the process begins again.

‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again’. A proverb by Thomas H. Palmer which had been drummed into us since our early years in school.  Hmmm…. Once, twice, 100th times over, working  with all possible combinations and permutations trying and testing to achieve success/wealth that we always dream of. Do we have the mental and physical stamina to go through it over, and over, and over again? Time is irreversible and should we not be able to enjoy the fruit of our labour before we die? I, for one do not want to die trying. There must be a better way!

The solution? A combination of Islam & AMC. Islam teaches us a whole lot of beautiful things but for this purpose, muhasabah diri (self reflection), doa (prayers), tawakkal (resignation) & effort come into play. AMC, on the other hand, complement & reinforce the teachings of Islam by guiding us into the proper methods using the power of our minds based on the religion.

Never in my life I thought that I had asked Allah the wrong things but indeed I had. Allah the Most Merciful had granted most of what I wanted in life without me realising them. Who am I to complain for I myself had asked Him? The fault, is all mine! Sob!

Now, take a deep breath and think hard of what exactly we want in our lives.

I, for one have to redo & restructure my doa-s to ensure a more successful life ahead.

The only question remains: Am I ready for it? Are we ready for it? Something for all of us to ponder…

Have a good weekend!

“The truth surfaces as you carefully listen to your inner voices”.

– Khairany

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