“Keajaiban Minda” Answers My Confusions

Qalb & DestinyCoincidence?

Is there such a thing?

What about:
‘Everything happens for a reason’,
‘It’s written in the stars’,
‘It is destiny’, and
‘You can’t tempt fate’?

I bet each and everyone of us has at least at one point of our lives been told one of the above or, all of the above.

While ‘coincidence’ carries unplanned and indefinite ring to an event of our lives, a rather opposite idea emerges from the list above. How am I not supposed to be confused?

Growing up, I always had a million questions in my head and I used to irritate and terrorise others, who are older and more knowledgeable with all my questions.

The pattern was always the same. Initially they would entertain my questions but when the questions got a tad bit complex, I was told to just ‘drop’ it and take things as they are. In consequence I knew I had risked my own reputation. I was thought of as a heretic, atheist and even a communist!

I had put forth my confusion for as long as I remember but in time I had exhausted all avenues to satisfy my curiosity until I resigned to just reading. Yet to read or learn without a teacher in this kind of study is just impossible and I feared that I might sink further… Into a bottomless abyss of confusion that might jeopardise my faith in Allah.

Why did Pak Firman came so late? Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan even later? If both of them came earlier, I would be a more relaxed individual for most of my curiosities about life and it’s meaning would have been all answered.

That was not the way it was supposed to be, eh? My personality would lack the spiciness as I would not had provoked few people into thinking — about the interpretation of the Quran, the meaning of life, and the understanding of various concepts in Philosophy and religions. Life as ‘me’ would had been boring. With thus, I embrace everything that had happened, is happening and will happen.

While AMC gave me an introductory answers to my endless questions (thanks to Pak Firman), the real in depth answers that had been bugging me were answered in the Platinum class (again, many thanks to Pak Firman). The joy of knowledge knows no bounds and I am eternally grateful to have found what I have always been searching for.Realize Dreams

Now I understand the reason to Pak Firman’s and Ustadz Nouman’s ‘late’ arrival, and to my reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist just last week. I had bought the book years before! It was just beyond my own comprehension and illogical of me not to have read it when I first bought it but if I were to read it then, I would only had enjoyed its literary style and not got the entire meaning!

Have a good week ahead!

— Khairany
Who is Learning to listen to the Qalb…

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