To Be (Angry) or Not To Be (Angry)… That Is (Not) The Question

I am sorry, I do not understand what are you so angry about?
#%$@! …
Why are you so angry?

Things didn’t go my way!

Somebody jumped queue!

It rained.



Between Sabr & Keeping InAnger.
The very word itself brings about an instant reaction in all of us, and it is never positive. It is a natural emotional state involving feelings of varying degrees of intensity when it is being displayed. It can be just as mild as just an irritation or it can be as intense as committing physical assault.

Whether anger is being expressed or suppressed, it is still Anger. It causes our body to release stress hormones and disrupt our bodily systems and functions. Hence, our hemodynamics and metabolic systems and our cardiac rhythm go haywire. Our body then begins to suffer…

What do we get in the long run from anger, when it is not being addressed or expressed appropriately? According to scientific research – A whole lot of medical problems like weakening of the heart, hardening of the arteries, hypertension, potential liver and kidney damage, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety – just to name a few. Scary…
Do you think you want to be angry? Do you want to stay angry?

Before learning how to modify our data about Anger, one should be clear that when anger creeps into us, it can either be expressed or suppressed.  Both has its own negative effects with harmful consequences. Both stems from anger. We are taught to express anger appropriately. we learn how to manage Anger. We learn how to manage stress.

Anger stemmed out of constructive or deconstructive reasons. Anger can be expressed or suppressed. Its intensity varies depending on the individual’s religious beliefs, personality, gender and social environment.

Like all things, Anger begins in the mind. Medical bills nowadays cost a bomb! Minimizing or even avoiding all those medical problems require a change in our state of mind. A much cost effective way is through Keajaiban Minda workshop. The workshop paves a more practical way  in achieving stress-free and  anger-less life. Sounds like a better alternative to a hefty medical bills, eh?


A more peaceful and enjoyable life. It is within our reach. It is within our powers, and we do not need anything nor anyone else to help us to be just that (if what you really want in life is peace). No mediums, no intermediaries. Just we, ourselves determine the key  to our own pursuit of happiness minus diseases related to anger and stress. We do not need to attend Anger Management courses when there is none (Anger) to be found in our minds and hearts. In addition, our du’a(s) is(are) more potent when we are at peace.

Give peace a chance! Give AMC a try!

I benefited from it. A calmer and a more focused Khairany. I did not realize it until those close to me, told me in passing. At first I thought it is due to aging but comparing myself to those of the same age, my hypothesis went flat to the ground. Some of my friends have not changed (in terms of their ‘angry-ness’) and some become angrier… Hmmm…

I wrecked my brain thinking how and what, had caused me to change. The revelation came some months later when  I ran into a fellow AMC Platinum. While discussing how our lives had changed and are changing after AMC and AMC Platinum workshops, we came to a conclusion that it was just that. We changed for the better without us realizing it. A much calmer, happier and peaceful individuals.

… In times of Anger, an apt quotation from Ust. Nouman Ali Khan proves to be handy…

“Sabr is not remaining quiet and allowing anger to build up inside you. Sabr is to talk about what’s bothering you without losing control of your emotions.”

Have a peaceful week ahead, everyone!


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