Wishing Well

kekuatan-mindaIt had been a norm since I started working to be under the weather during the weekends or my annual leave. I did not plan to be sick. Nobody in their right minds would want to stay in bed while others enjoying their days off, eh?

Mondays came, and I would be up and about. My late father used to be the same. Both my dad and I would be in bed during the weekends, down with something or rather. There were times when our family doctor had to make house calls to attend to the both of us! Yes, no kidding! We were sick!

Mondays came and both of us would be as fit as a fiddle, robustly immersed in our work routines. No one could had guessed that we were sick during the weekends, judged by our Mondays.

The episodes frustrated my mother a lot as she had to take care of two sick persons at home when she should be enjoying her weekends. She used to tell people that both of us were allergic to weekends and public holidays!

Mom:  “The wedding is on a long weekend? Hmmm… InsyaAllah IF the two (my Dad and I) are well.” (Please note: ‘IF’ was stressed)

A:         Oh? Is there something wrong with them?

Mom:  No, it is just that they are workaholics. They are allergic to non working days!

The ‘syndrome’ stopped when I quit my job and embarked on a new phase in life. Life as a full time graduate student and later, in being self employed. Not that I did not get sick at all, I did but they were not exactly during the weekends or holidays as there were none!

While I was up and about, my dad continued being under the weather during ‘those’ days. My mom was happier because firstly, there was one less sick person at home to take care of and secondly, she could fulfill a few invitations with me on tow as her driver cum social companion. Hmm… The frequency of social functions to fulfill increased after the passing of my father as I was, most of the time healthy. There is no escaping now… except for  the times I am down with something (which was few and far between)!

Someone commented on my then ‘sick’ pattern when I attended a wedding recently. She jokingly said that I was always bored at social functions since I was little. I used to continuously ate until it was time to leave to fill the time waiting for my parents. Kudos to her for making an accurate observation. Guilty as charged! The practice continues until today…

I did not know then what I know now…

My dad and I colluded (without the exchange of words) that we preferred to spend our weekends and public holidays  at home. We just wanted to chill and enjoy the comforts of our home after five days being out there. We could not personally articulate our intentions for fear of the ‘Wrath of Khan’ a.k.a  Mom.

The power of mind is so strong that when you set your mind to it, it just happens.  Being sick to the both of us was easier than trying to reason with the ‘Khan’ at home… Hence the ‘syndrome’.

By right, we should not complain about most things as everything happens for a reason, eh? The reason is simple. That was what we wished for! Now I know from Keajaiban Minda workshop, there is a more pleasant alternative instead of finding excuses and experiencing unnecessary stress to get away from something / things.

In memory of Dr. Spock: “Live Long and Prosper!”


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