More than Words… Indeed!

Sometime ago, an invitation came. An event I was not keen in attending. I was not comfortable lying and I think I am a bad liar. If it was entirely up to me, I would just ‘not go’ and that would be it! That would be a No-No in our society. We are socially creatures; conditioned to be  culturally sensitive (being an Asian is worse in relation to ‘saving’ or ‘losing’ face concepts), I had to make up  not just an excuse but a reason for not attending. I began praying and hoping that I got called up for a stint somewhere, or something. Anything, please! I was stressed out just thinking about it for more than a week!

void-keajaibanmindaMy brain was about to explode and my heart, about to burst with worry. Four days before the event, I confided to my friend the thoughts that were running through my head. She, without thinking, blurted out that I need not worry as it was very easy for  me to dodge any invitations. I was puzzled and pressed her further. I am not the one who would suffice with just a topic sentence without supporting details, mind you!

Buat apa susah-susah nak pikir? Cakap je allergy you tu je…

“Noooooooooooooooo…. Something better, please!!!”

Ooooopppsss Sorry, Sorry Sorry!!!

Boy, I screamed  after she finished her sentence… but the words were out, loud and clear!. As loud as I screamed till the next office could hear me, there was no turning back. We then just laughed it out and did not think twice after the incident. We happily went through the week with  our  daily routines.

Friday came and I proudly declared that I was dedicating my whole Saturday to my garden.  It was a much anticipated activity as my weekends since the New Year, were all taken up with social functions. In consequence my garden suffered… sob!

 Thinking nothing could hamper my Saturday, I decided to sleep in as a treat, something I ‘deserved’. Hehehe… I was very confident that I could work all day long. An hour of sleep would not hurt, right? My mother was surprised but just smiled and prepared breakfast.

Later, I woke up, got into my usual gardening garb and had my pancakes. As I was doing the dishes, I started sneezing like nobody’s business. It went on for 10 minutes. My sister counted my sneezes but I just brushed her worries aside.

As I was about to embark on my gardening, I felt a little funny. I felt my eyes and upper respiratory tract were beginning to swell. Lo and behold! Allergy attack! It was three years ago since I was rushed to the ER. Hmmm….

Paper bag in hand, I calmly went to my room with strict instruction to let me be, for five minutes. Thank God the swelling did not worsen, so I could breathe through my mouth. While breathing calmly like Darth Vader, I practiced what I learnt in AMC. After ten minutes, I slowly began breathing normally, through my nostrils and my system was fully restored after half an hour.

The first thing I did after the whole ordeal was to laugh. Yes indeed, I laughed when I remembered the reason behind it all. Crazy, eh? It was the ‘power of words’ that got me in that situation.

My friend and I enjoyed a good laugh over it on Monday and learnt to carefully choose our words the next time we speak! Also, we had to revise our AMC notes to avoid the same thing from happening!

Lesson learnt: Learning alone is not enough without practice but we do not practice 100% of what we had learnt. Over time, there is bound to be gaps. Thus, reinforcement is needed to fill the gaps in our memory before the gaps turn into voids!

Mode: Time to hit the books!

 “May the force be with you!” – Darth Vader

– Khairany

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