…For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls… It Tolls for Thee

good-thoughts-positive-keajaibanmindaIt is that time of the year again! Happy times and free makan as the wedding bells are ringing, everywhere in Malaysia, now. A joyous occasion shared with families and friends. It is one of the most memorable episode in one’s life (the bride and the groom, of course!). Handsome groom, blushing bride, guests dressed in their best, children running around happily under unbelievable deathly stares by their mothers and the elders laughing while reminiscing  the good old days.

I just love weddings! Like most kids, initially, I was dragged by my parents to attend. Later, resigned to the fate of no chance of escaping, I tried looking for something to make the occasion enjoyable for myself.  Not the wedding gowns, not the pelamin, not the goodies nor the bunga telur, but the Food! It was truly an awesome feat to cook delicious dishes for thousands of guests when to hire a caterer or even a wedding planner were unheard of!

Although food still remain my enjoyment during wedding receptions, as I grew older, other matters took over. Into my mid 20s, I began having questions about marriage. I did not question about the ‘why-s‘. For the life of me, I could not phantom the idea of tying a knot to that one particular person when there are billions of people out there, to choose from!

I knew that if I were to ask the question on their wedding day, I might suffer some serious repercussions, so I resorted to only asking those close to me, after the reception.

“From the first moment I saw her, I knew she is the ONE!” (No explanation given!)

“Mine had been arranged but it is okay because he is quite good looking!”

“He can tolerate my crap and that is good enough reason for me.”

“It is time I settle down and he happens to be in my orbit.”

“After five years of dating, her father gave me an ultimatum: I marry her or he shoots my balls off.”

“I don’t know, but people say we look good together.”

The list goes on and those were some of the responses that I got. I have more than enough material if I were to embark on a research! None of the responses satisfied my curiosity. I continued my observations while at the same time experiencing falling in and out of love several times but never amounting to the holy matrimony…

Those were the days before AMC. Though my questions are now answered, I still ponder on marriage but in a different light. The same sample, but different question. The result is startling! Not only to me but to the respondents, themselves.  It is certainly not a random event. It is written. It is Jodoh. The choice had already been made by the Qalb before the individuals involved, had any knowledge of it. Yes, the sub conscious is always on overdrive!

The next question is now looming in my orbit now… I am looking deep into my Qalb now and I have to seriously start reprogramming, updating and running my dusty file titled, “Marriage”. I know the ringing of the bells is to my liking! Hehehehe…

May the force be with me, always!


Good thoughts attracts all the positive elements together in our favour! Here’s to a Beautiful Mind!

– Khairany

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