Young Ambition

Two weeks of recuperating from an injury, gave me ample time to rest, and think; apart from watching endless television programmes. Cable television is a blessing for those who suffer from limited mobility! It is a good time to take things slow, reflect on past deeds and plan what lies ahead.

If I could turn back time, would I had done things differently? Took up the alternatives instead of what I had chosen? As flawed and skewed as my charted life was then, if given the choice, I do not think I would trod a different path. I am happy with the choices that I have made so far. All of them; lock, stock and barrel! Oh yes; The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! Hehehe…

nourish-mind-junkfood-keajaiban-mindaThe good ones –  I will definitely cherish till the end of time. The bad ones – serve as lessons learnt. The ugly ones – to be modified into more palatable landscape in my memory. Mind you, nothing gets 100% deleted! Like computers, deleted items in our minds can always be retrieved, okay? Thus it is safer to have them modified instead of having random nightmares when the thought surfaces in our sub conscious. No more scaly, freaky looking cicak-s now, as they now look like moving candy striped straws! Hahaha… (Sorry, for I do digress!)

Why do I do the thing I do? Those who are close to me are still curious (yes, after all these years!), wanting a logical answer as to my chosen career to be that of teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I tried a whole lot of other things in various industries before, (hospitality, retail, oil and gas) but nothing beats teaching. After more than ten years, I can safely say that it all boils down to passion.

To be able to impart knowledge in itself is satisfying but to be able to guide, help and motivate the young ones to realize their potential in their chosen fields is even more fulfilling.  It does not matter what their interests are, as long as they believe in their own capabilities, they will do their best.

Hence,  they should be provided with enough information and knowledge from  very young  pertaining to their options in life. Children should know their path and for them to be able to identify their interests early in life will make all the difference in the world! That means they can chart a more focused goal.

Next is to cultivate their interests by guiding and encouraging them heading towards their goals. Together with the right education path, proper training and suitable environment (plus loads of TLC) which promotes their creativity and passions;  they  are better equipped to walk the path that they have chosen, with confidence and gusto. I believe they will excel.

When they do, that is reward enough for everyone, including myself; though the bulk of the credit should go to the dedicated parents as they are the ones who are the most patient beings on earth, closest to the young ones and of course, spend the most time with them.

Now, it is even more exciting  for me to teach after my AMC & Platinum certification. I am now able to further help guide them to be more focus in achieving their goals and help them to refine their ambitions and dreams.

Apart from that, to help them better understand themselves and to acknowledge their fears (real or imaginary) without reservations and  help them confront their fears. With all those ‘demons’ out of the way, the young minds are like new and thirsty sponges ready to absorb whatever knowledge that comes their way. Thus, it is imperative that their minds be filled with only the best thoughts and knowledge.

The rest is just collective and parallel dua’s from all those who are involved.


 P/s: The much anticipated Eksplorasi Minda will resume in August.

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