of Me, Myself & My Frame of Mind

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Cliches are so old and we tend to avoid it like a plague. What is wrong with a little bit of introduction, which usually starts with a definition? Then proceed with the three main topics. Tackle one by one and last should be the conclusion. Hahaha… That would be just the framework. Never mind the details. You might just shoot me if I were to go at length into them. “Thesis statement, anyone? You over there, what about concluding statements?” Hehehe… I could still remember my students/trainees rolling their eyes out of boredom… Me, being a teacher.


Oh yes, I love ‘terrorising’ them, for their own good! (Evil laugh!) They need to master the mechanics, which would be  through practice till it becomes second nature. Their job will be about writing reports (technical and business), anyway — for the good part of their careers! With the framework given, all they have to do is just to fill in the details. Double check the grammar and they will be home free, to watch their favourite anime on TV.  Easy, peasy! Me, being a ‘motivator’. Hahahaha…

What about the mechanics of report writing? As dry as the subject is, I am sure everyone who have gone through it, know that the formula works every time in all languages. Just follow the framework and everything is alright! 

The point I want to draw here is about  our dua-s. I was stunned when I was first asked to write my dua in AMC class. Me, being surprised: “Say what?” “Come again?

Never had anyone asked me about my dua-s; let alone asked me to write them out. Hmmm…. Isn’t it supposed to be personal? Me, wanting to avoid: “Tak nak-lah! Segan-lah.

After reasons had been justified, I began writing some parts of them, not all… Me, beginning to compromise: “Sorry Pak, Only one part, ya? Malu-lah”.

I felt so mentally challenged that it took me quite sometime to finish the assignment! I looked around and everyone was seriously writing, without reservations. So, it was a ‘Just-Me’ syndrome. My friend laughed as she had never seen me in such confusion. She smiled and encouraged me to finish as that was the only chance to know whether my ‘dua recital’ was correct.

Me, being a robot: Over the years I had mine (dua-s) memorized and I recited the whole lot like an android after my solat-s. The dua only changes when something major happened… Intonation, punctuation marks, supporting details were lost in space. Hey, at least the topic sentences were there! I could even recite them all under 30 seconds!!!

 That day, I realized framework or structure does not only apply to the tangibles but also to the intangibles.  Why oh why did I separate the two?  Answer: No one had taught me how to. There was no manual that I could refer to… If there is a Dua 101, I would definitely run to the bookstore to get it. Of Me, being a little technical.

When asked, people will just reply, “If you want anything, just ask the Almighty“.

Excuse me, like the question was, “Okay… How to go about it?“.

Allah will show you the way.”

“…and what about the dua being the weapon of the mukmin-s?”

“والله أعلم”

Usually, that was where the conversation ended — to avoid my frame of mind from imploding!

That was, then.

Of a little enlightened Me: Now, the physical frame of the dua is, all set and solid. The supporting details are in order. Even the physical conclusion has been drawn out. What is left to do is to get into the right state of mind (future post), recite the ‘dua‘ and accept the gift and embrace the experience.

“People of dua are optimistic by definition. They know that dua & thoughts like ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ don’t co-exist.” – Nouman Ali Khan


p/s: To fine tune your dua-s, AMC is scheduled on the 15th & 16th of August 2015.

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