Peace of Cake

keep-calm-du'a-keajaibanminda-AMC-ATS“Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

Growing up in the 70’s meant growing up with John Lennon’s songs. Singing his own, personal brand of songs; no longer world crazy catchy pop songs like he sang when he was with The Beatles. Songs, which stemmed out from an interesting episode in the American history where American youths as young as nineteen (19) were drafted to fight in the Vietnam War.

He was looking for peace, singing about peace and hoping for peace– not only for himself but also for the world, to experience. His own private creation of Utopia called Nutopia; a place with “no land, no boundaries, no passports, only people”. His quest for peace landed him with threats of deportation and arrests.  Lennon, of course, died trying… Those were the Hippie Days a.k.a. Flower Power Era.

Peace is a state of mind. It is the most fundamental element in our lives to safeguard the sanity of our Mind, Body & Soul. Amidst all the chaos and complexities in this modern life of ours, can we attain peace? Not world peace, (it would be fantastic, though!) but inner peace.

What I had learnt so far is peace is within reach and it is as Prem Rawat says,“The peace is within us”. (I know you are smiling, lil sister!) I have always wondered in amazement when reading about individuals who never gets angry. People who are always calm and composed. Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is of course beyond any comparison. I am talking about us, mere mortals. I always thought that they are mutants or even belong to an alien race which are here on earth, impersonating humans in their quest for Earth domination. (Sorry, Pak Firman. I strongly believe you are neither a mutant nor an alien.) Hahaha…

Then I wondered, what good does it bring? About not losing one’s cool…  Is it not freedom of expression? Freedom to express whatever it is, we want to express. If it is absolute and permitted by law, then Utopia goes straight out of the window! That would be the day you can see a lot of dead traffic offenders on the roads in Kuantan alone! Oooppps… That would be to the extreme… It is just one example but alas, just thank our lucky stars that there is the law and there is order!clearer-mind-keajaibanminda-focused-du'a-favourable-outcome-AMC-alpha-mind

Read and thought a lot about anger management but later, I learnt about suppressing anger. Yes, baby steps, folks! Step by step. Though it is difficult, I am trying my best. Life is a lifelong learning process. My sister thought that my age is the only reason I am calmer and more relaxed these days. Some sister, eh? Well, I am not old, and I do not feel old. (Take note, lil’ sister!) As for my looks, you will be the judge. Hahaha…

What do I do? First cleanse, and then practice ‘Mind, Body & Soul Hygiene’. Cleaning alone is tiresome as it is repetitive if you allow your soul to be soiled again and again. I find practicing ‘Mind, Body & Soul Hygiene’ is a better alternative. Thus, it is only logical that we should be encouraged to take better care of our Mind, Body & Soul.

Result of my life experiment on myself? I have more energy, a clearer mind and complexion. Best of all is that most of the things that I wished for, materialized. A clearer mind means a more focused du’a; which would equal a higher probability of favourable outcome.

My conclusion?

Ceteris paribus, if one wants more energy: be at peace; if one wants better judgment: be at peace; if one wants to look younger: be at peace; if one wishes for dreams to come true: be at peace and ‘dua‘.

An apt ending for this, all I am saying… “… is give peace a chance!”

Wishing you a peaceful week ahead!

— Khairany

p/s: learn, practice and stay  at peace with our AMC class this month.

  • Ceteris paribus: with other conditions remaining the same
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