The Agent of Change

agentof-change-better-yourself-you-keajaiban-minda-KhairanyAlhamdulillah the 9th AMC workshop is over, without fireworks, without a ‘bang’ but peacefully. Like all things should be.

It is always a nice feeling when it is over. Unlike the feeling of excited anticipation before it begins, we always wrap things up feeling satisfied and happy.

Happy because….

We get to impart and share knowledge to a new crowd.

We get moral support from our alumni members by way of surprise visits during the workshops.

We ourselves, get to refresh and reinforce what we had learnt with each workshop.

We get to share and trade our experience and experiments in tackling issues.

Best of all is we get to see and ask Pak Firman personally on what had gone wrong with our last ‘experiment’. Hehehe…

With each workshop, we always get a totally different audience. They are all wonderful, beautiful people with different in-built data, stories and experience to share. Personally we do learn a lot from them as they come from diverse backgrounds; financially and socially.

Participants from all walks of life including professionals (doctors, specialists, engineers, auditors and accountants), civil servants (teachers, counselors, medical assistant, and administration staff), business owners, semi skilled and unskilled workers, pensioners and home makers. Hmmm…so far no politicians yet! (Any politicians out there willing to give AMC a try?)

The age also varies; we get participants as young as 16, and as mature as 71 years. So, imagine the wealth of ideas, knowledge and experience shared! (I am happy as I have an abundance of research material! When to use them is a another story. Hahaha….)


Each came for a variety of reasons, of course. Some came because….

To gain new knowledge.

To be better bosses/employees/parents/spouse/students.

To control stress/anger.

To attract more opportunities in business as well as for marriage. 🙂

To fulfil the hours of training set by their organisations.

…. And some came to ‘compare and contrast’ with other motivation courses they had attended.

At the other end of the spectrum:

“Sorry, I don’t like motivation classes. Been there, done that, kind of thing. Never again! It’s a waste of time and money!”

“Okay… Why do you say that?”

“It’s only good for only three days and then I am back to my old self.”

I get such responses all the time. No amount of hours listening to speakers advocating ‘Change is Good!’ will make the participants change their smoking habit if they do not want to. Hundreds of motivation songs sung cannot make the participants suddenly become millionaires, if they do not want to. No amount of chanting and hours of meditation are able to change the participants’ attitude towards anger if they do not want to. What more from jumping around and screaming on top of your lungs, ‘Change! Change! Change!’!

Regardless their reasons for coming, once the workshop ended, the feedback is positively different. Most came out happy and contented. Some even said that it is something like a revelation or an awakening! It is not a motivation course like any other, it is far from it. We like to termed it as our very own Personal Development workshop. The participants have the power in their own hands to change their lives.

At the end of the day, it is back to you; and you, alone to decide:

1. Do I want to change?

2. Am I ready to change?

If the answers are ‘yes’, next question is ‘How do I go about it?’

In AMC class, we are given the ‘software’ to install within ourselves. All we have to do is just ‘run’ the ‘software’ whenever we are totally ready. Upgrade (Platinum) is only once in a lifetime! When to ‘run’ it & What we do with it, is entirely up to us. When the agents of change (AMC & Platinum) have been given, it is up to us! The power is in our hands!

Mode: ‘Power Up’ time!

– Khairany

p/s: Thank you all Alumni members for your endless support!

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