Baby Steps In Progress

With the festivities at the end of each year and the coming of each New Year, most of us vow to do better than the year before. As for me, it is the time to enjoy the holidays and going on rounds of ‘makan-makan’, while pondering in my own private ‘La La Land’:

“Where did I go wrong?”

 “If only.…”


resolutions-amend-explore-keajaibanminda-mistakes-life-new-year-goals-2016I bet most of us, in our younger days were gung ho with each coming of the New Year. Apart from the endless parties and kenduris, the topic of one’s resolutions also seems never-ending. I did too, resolution-wise, but after failed attempts of sticking to my resolutions year after year, I decided to stop. I was embarrassed and at the same time angry with myself. Embarrassed because it demonstrated my lack of self control, and angry because I was not disciplined enough to follow them through. Since then, no more resolutions; only short term goals. Those were the pre-Platinum AMC days. So, now let us explore our resolutions, amend our mistakes and save some embarrassment before 2016 comes. Hehehe….

Time flies and now we are nearing the final quarter of 2015. What of our resolutions that we excitedly drawn out at the start of the year? Some do and some do not. If we do, regardless of the outcome so far, we deserve a pat in the back. It is a start! Everything begins somewhere. Realizing there is a need to improve is a big step. Having them written out is even better as it signals our seriousness in executing our action plan.

Review should be done periodically (end of every quarter is best) to assess our progress. Do not despair if our middle name is ‘procrastination’.  Now is a good time to take stock and reflect on how we have progressed so far in 2015.

How successful are we, in turning our resolutions into reality? Congratulations if 50% of them are in place.  If it is lesser, we belong with the majority of the world population. Hehehe… If it is some consolation… there is still time; we have three more months to go. It is best that we review, rethink, reorganize, and rewrite them. Of course, execute them accordingly.

Platinum AMC class pointed out my mistake in the initial stage of drawing out my resolutions. No wonder… So, in reviewing our resolutions, we should first ask ourselves: Are we in need of change or improvement? Next question will be: Are we in desperate need to change? If there is just a need, there is a probability the execution will not be total but if there is a desperate need, of course it requires some serious actions.

Imagine a 55kg person who needs to lose 5kg because of vanity; compared to a 100kg person who desperately needs to lose weight with looming threats of hypertension and cardio vascular diseases. When mortality is at stake, that in itself, will indeed be the motivation /desperation for change; lifestyle and all. For the person to lose weight is his/her desperate need, not just a need. A slight weight loss for the latter will be a success and to achieve the ideal weight will be a cause for celebration compared to the former. Clearer now, I hope…

So, let’s review our list and identify our ‘hierarchy of desperation’. Once done, put on our thinking hats and think of the ways to logically re-organize and re-prioritize our next course of action.  The rest will fall nicely into place. Do remember to be logical. Baby steps, okay?

When 2016 comes and anyone asks of our 2015 resolutions, I hope we can proudly say that we had done better than anticipated!

Here’s to a more productive final quarter of 2015. Cheers everyone!


p/s:  My coffee intake is reduced by 50%! Next…hours spent on games…  La la la la….

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