She (He) Ain’t Heavy, She’s (He’s) My Sister (Brother)

SFP-selffulfillingprophesy-weight-weighloss-hygiene-mental-state-good-food-AMC-keajaibanminda-KhairanyI have always been this size for as long as anyone can remember. If I could still wear my clothes from over 30 years ago, they must be right. Yes, I still do and as a result I can open my own ‘Bundle’ store!  There was only once I remember that I put on a bit of weight, a mere 5kg. I was happy but my doctor was not. So, began a rigorous physical training regime… For the first time in my life, my BMI was in the green region. What was the problem, eh? My doctor reasoned my knees… I had injured my knees eight times in ten years due to sports activities. As I was too lazy to go to the gym (I prefer the blue sky and the trees!) and do weight training to strengthen my thigh muscles, my doctor said it would be wiser to watch my weight. My 5 kg joy was short-lived!

It is easy for me to lose weight. It happens rather quickly but to gain weight, it is a different story… When I was at school, boys used to call me ‘taugeh’ (bean sprout), ‘two sticks walking’ but I was oblivious to the names. I am never the one who cares about labeling. Sticks and stones may break my bones, kind of thing… After my school years, people around marveled over my ‘ability’ to consume large amounts of food without putting on weight. Remember the parties and kenduri-s I have to attend each year? Hehehe…

Comments like,

‘Eat and enjoy the food! You can eat anything and still stay slim!’,

Come on… Makanlah… you’ll never get fat!,

Makanlah… you need fattening up! ,


You kuruslah. You takkan gemuknya!’

… are very common. I am thankful that I am able to enjoy doing (enjoying food, in this case) the thing I love without reservation.

Into my 30s, I became a subject of envy from those (females, mainly) around me. While I continue enjoying glorious food, I get stares of wonders from them. So ‘assigning meaning’ to my eating habits began. Sometimes they sound like an Intelligence officer interrogating an Al-Qaeda spy! They interrogated, reasoned and concluded. The verdict came down to my genes (hmmm…), metabolic rate (okay…), active lifestyle (what of the never ending cycle of heat, haze and monsoon that cut me off from my beloved outdoor activities?) and healthy eating (hmmm… dessert is, right?).

What I am driving at is all those reasoning do not, have any bearing to my state of being this size, I think. The words like calories and fat are never present in my mind and very rarely spoken at home. I have friends who start counting calories the moment food arrives. I was amazed at their counting calorie skills and they in turn, were amazed at my cluelessness.

To me, it is all in the mind. In my case, there is never a Self Fulfilling Prophesy (SFP) at work in reference to the subject of being horizontally challenged and of food consumption. It is inherent in those who are constantly thinking about it. Words like,

My goodness! If I were to eat this now I have to go to the gym tonight!


That’s it! I’ll gain 2kg if ate this. I can feel I am gaining weight just by looking at it!

are common. They are SFPs at work! The mind does wonders and just follows the path that we ourselves had unknowingly created. Remember the saying: “Be careful what you wish for!’? It runs along the same line.

There are groups of people who share the same thoughts and ideals; chat groups, communities, and clubs. No doubt, collectively they are more potent in advocating and championing their cause, whatever they may be. What of a group of weight conscious people? Just let your imagination run wild…

To me, a healthier lifestyle is the best option. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise should be actively advocated. Most importantly, our mental state should be given due attention.

Breaking away from negative SFPs and replacing them with a more hygienic mental state in reference to weight gain (and everything else), in order for us to always say ‘Yes!’ to good food! Moderation in portion, please! … Moderation is of course, subjective! Hehehe…

— Khairany

Hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!

p/s:      Due to the first TPS being a success, the second batch will begin in December.

              (TPS is a weight management course using AMC techniques)

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