Here comes the Mythbusters!

potentials-capabilities-process-unlearning-reprogram-install-custommade-software-updateOS-AMC-keajaibanminda-khairanyWe had just finished our 10th AMC workshop and it was the last for this year. We were happy and satisfied as it was a good closing for 2015. At the rate we are going, we envision a better year ahead with good tidings and bountiful rewards in store for us. The vision is so vivid that I could even ‘taste’ it. Hehehe…

Personally, after the end of each workshop, I usually like to compare photographs of our participants. Reason? Taking Facebook and Instagram aside, it is because “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Comparing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, they do speak volumes to me. I always see the transition in each and every one of our participants; positive transition for those who went for the full two-day course.  I am truly happy to see their beautiful and happy faces. I am glad that I had a hand in ‘guiding’ them to realize, control and maximize their own potentials.

AMC introduces you to yourself, your capabilities and potential. No need for activation. No need to buy and install any new programs. No need to let others, to run the program or programs. All we need is an update to a better OS. We are the source. We are the most perfect being, showered with unlimited capabilities. We hold the key, the creator of our own destiny. Doubt? There should not be any left. It is a Eureka moment (for me, that is), as those who had gone through would automatically feel the Greatness of our creator.

Most of us had gone through many seminars and trainings of similar nature. The difference with AMC which astounded me when I first attended the class was the approach. The approach is to my liking as everything is explained logically, in scientific manner. After all these years, I am happy to put my Biology knowledge to good use. Finally, I could put two and two together! I can see my Biology teacher, Mrs. Bala smiling while reading this! ‘Ponteng’ aside, I know she is proud that her lessons had not gone to waste on that Chipsmore pupil, named Khairany.

Questions too, are answered directly. There is no deflection and no shifting of responsibility to the Higher being. Isn’t knowledge to be shared? Imagine my frustrations when my questions were left unanswered. Worse, when they came in the deflection mode. The ultimate would be the ones who shift it all on the Almighty or the Heavens… How could that be, when the Quran is undoubtedly the most complete manual on earth? There are also the Hadith-s too, to supplement and reinforce our religious knowledge!

I asked and here are some of the reply samples I once heard…

“It is not for you to know.”                                        Why?

“You are not ready for the knowledge.”                 Like when am I going to be ready, if ever?

“It is not yet time for you to know all that.”          When, can you be more specific?

“Only Heaven knows.”                                                 Hmmm… Okayyy…

Thus began my (pre-AMC), never ending line of questionings. I was just seeking answers for better comprehension of the religion, the universe and life, to make sense of them all… but I was often left perplexed with unsatisfactory replies like the above which spiraled to even more questions and confusions. Once I realized that it was not good for my personal and spiritual development, I decided to abandon ship temporarily and learnt to dance to the tempo, i.e. to know when to keep my mouth shut for fear that I would be branded a heretic! For all intents and purposes, I should state that my religious belief is strengthening, thanks to AMC.

I must stress that there are no elements of supernatural, mysticism nor X-Files in AMC, okay? If there are questions pertaining to them, they are dealt with, then and there. Either we laughed at our own stupidity for believing them or we would be amazed and excited that there are so many ready ‘potentials’ out there to be ‘treated’ (Wink! Wink!) and guided. It is indeed good fun to be able to laugh at ourselves!

Going through the course, realizing our potentials and capabilities, unlearning the information that had been wrongly fed and installing our very own custom made software, updating the OS and running it to the maximum capacity, are all the essence of AMC. That is the reason; all came out smiling on Sunday evening, including Pak Firman and the ATS Team. Hehehe…

To all AMC participants, “Thank you! May the force be with you!” & enjoy the music.



p/s: Fyi, our 11th AMC workshop will be held in March 2016.Looking forward to seeing fresh new faces!

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