Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…

Happy New Year to all Creatures… Great and Small!

happiness-trust-life-is-subjective-and-relative-perogative-friendship-data-privilege-keajaibanminda-AMC-khairany-MalaysiaA week late but… better late than never, eh? As those closest to me might have guessed, my long absence especially at the start of the New Year was due to the long weekends. One long weekend in a month is bearable but two? My long weekend saga, continues. Hahaha…

Oh yes! I was down with flu at the eve of it! A friend confessed that she refused to wish me anything when she knew I was under the weather. So, no ‘Get Well Soon’ and ‘Take Care’ wishes from her (and her likes) as she (they) knew that it was my own doing. Yes, guilty as charged! Hehehe… I was happy nonetheless, staying home and catching up with things I missed after being away.

With every start of a new year (for most) it is apt to replace what needs to be replaced, to modify what needs to be modified, and to upgrade what needs to be upgraded within our own little universe. Taking stock of one’s 2015 is necessary to ensure a better and more fruitful 2016.

Remember, the things I need, are not the same as the things you need. The things I want of course are vastly different to yours. So do happiness, trust and friendship… among others. Respect each other’s needs and wants though they differ from yours. Everything is subjective and relative. It has been taught in AMC classes but sadly, some of us forget… It takes someone like Zuriada to constantly remind the AMC Alumni (Malaysia) members with her tagline; “Dataku, dataku. Datamu, datamu”. Let’s forget about imposing our values on others and let others make the choices the way they see fit.

That brings me to the topic at hand. Of respect and a long lasting friendship/relationship.

I had the good fortune to spend some quality time with my dear friend, recently. We have been friends for more than 30 years and we still enjoy each other’s company whenever both of us are free… like less than five times a year! (There is also another but we seldom get to see her as she stays in another part of the world now.) We would talk for hours, continuing where we left off in our previous makan session. We had been known around town as ‘the patrons who are always asked to leave’ by local restaurant/café owners. If not, they would have to extend their operating hours to 5:00 a.m.!  Hehehe…

A thought struck as I was enjoying my own company while waiting for her to return from shopping. It dawned upon me that we have been friends since we were seven! I can’t help but marveled at that long period! A lot of years, mind you! Though there were episodes of me being ‘Missing in Action’, it still amounted to a lot of years!

So, once she settled down with her tea; I started the ball rolling with the fact that our friendship has lasted for so long. She just smiled. Throughout the night we just had a conversation about our friendship. Unlike neighbours whom we cannot really choose (unless…), friends are individuals we have the privilege and prerogative to choose and keep.  Logically, it would be wise to choose our friends carefully. Of course, I am writing on the premise of my own definition of ‘friends’.

The conclusion that we got in the wee hours of the morning is that ‘we accept each other as we are; lock, stock and barrel’. ‘The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly’… Without reservations; without prejudice. Judging each other is beyond us. (Judging me when I say, ‘Don’t bug me before my morning coffee!’ will end in a deathly stare if not worse…) Imposing our principles and values on each other is unheard of! (Those who are late should be jailed! Hehehe… ) We ask each other, just for the need to understand, and nothing else. We trade stories, confide secrets, savour sinfully unhealthy yet delicious food in the glory of friendship.

We celebrate common positive values. We treasure each other’s antics. We never see the differences in us. Not of skin color, religious, social nor financial background. We are colour blind to the differences since we were seven. Not then, not now and of course, not ever. It is how we have been wired. We have grown and matured together, to this level. It is what we wish for and it is here to stay. What we know then… is that we are friends and we are going to stay that way. Period.

Of Friendship / Relationship…

Embrace the differences wholeheartedly.

Enjoy each other’s company.

Celebrate each other’s goodness.


Leave the judging to The Creator!

… relax and enjoy the song, folks!


p/s: In the name of friendship/relationship, with all my heart…

An olive branch as a birthday gift this year. Happy Birthday!



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