My BF’G’ Has A Big Heart!

billgates-motherteressa-contribution-payitforward-special-sedekah-sedeqah-carasendiri-senyuman-wang-berkat-keajaibanminda-khairany-AMCGreetings to all good people of the world!

It is good that the sun is shining brightly and the wind blows to cool the people of the East Coast of Malaysia! The weather has been great and it is perfect to continue with my outdoor activities. Bukit Pelindung, the beaches, the parks and the garden are all calling out…

We are in the fourth week of 2016. New Year resolutions are still fresh, in those who make them. I believe that the execution has already begun. I am happy to see fresh new faces at the park where I go and I wish them well. A healthier lifestyle is always welcomed!

I have the opportunity to work in my garden last Saturday! I thank my luck that there was nothing scheduled that day. It was a much anticipated activity after the monsoon season, end of the year holidays and my flu. I was happy that I managed to get some weeding done before breakfast.

As I was about to enter my second phase, I heard someone called out for my mother. There was Encik Aziz; a personable character who works for the local council. Together with his colleagues, they are assigned to maintain our neighbourhood on a monthly basis. I assumed he needed a glass of water as usual but that day; it was strange not to see his band of brothers. Well, he was not working that day and dropped by to see my mother as he had not seen her for about 2 months. (The Khan’s absence is noticeable…)

After assuring him that all was well, backed by the physical evidence (the Khan, in person), he went working in my garden… Eh, eh… wait a minute! I was a taken aback by his familiarity with my turf! MY turf! He just laughed at me when he saw me frowning… and I was speechless! I guess it was a weird combination of emotions that manifested into a weird suspended animation expression… Nevertheless… It turned out that he would do that (gardening) whenever I was away; and for the longest time, I thought that a ‘gnome’ had a hand in it! No wonder some of my weeds magically disappeared whenever I came home from somewhere. So, unbeknownst to me Aziz is truly my garden ‘gnome’! Hehehe…

Once done, he asked for a glass of water. As clouded as I with my judgment, instead of just plain water as requested, I thought it would be nice to serve him a glass of mango juice, for a change. His turn to look puzzled but he drank it all up. He smiled and asked me for a JUG of plain water. Okayyy… I did and he downed it all! Yes, my puzzled look again!

He smiled and explained nicely that he needed to keep his blood sugar in check because he was scheduled to donate blood late that afternoon. That explained the water disappearing act! It was to be his 30th donation. I was pleasantly surprised and curious. As usual, the Q&A session followed. Hehehe…

money-love-smiles-costs-comodity-giving-give-gift-stevegoodier-AMC-keajaibanminda-malaysiaIt all started when he was in his 20s, introduced by a colleague when he was working with a local contractor. Once, or twice is okay but 30? His logic is simple. He has not enough means to help others and that was his way to contribute to society.

“Kak, ini je yang saya mampu buat. Ni je yang saya ada. Inilah cara saya boleh bersedekah.”

Coming from my Big, Friendly ‘Gnome’… that, to me was uniquely beautiful. I was moved. A simple man, leading a simple life who has a big heart and selflessly giving to the society for the past 14 years. Without publicity, and without media coverage. He gives what he has. It is rare to find such selfless act like his. To give in any form is still giving. Be it time, money, effort, or blood; each is equally important and needed around the world.

Not everyone is Bill Gates (I wish a lot more like him),  who is able to donate his wealth to fund much needed education and research projects for the benefit of humankind. Even if we are neither Bill Gates nor Mother Teresa, we can still start contributing in our own special way, with what we have. We have always been reminded time and again in AMC sessions, ‘to give’ and ‘to give with what you have’. A humbling and rewarding experience that is priceless.

If my BF’G’ can do it, I bet we can too! I believe each and every one of us, is also capable of contributing something positive to our own society. I want to believe… If it became the norm, it will be a much nicer world for all of us. A peaceful and beautiful world! Give it a chance…


p/s:        My hats off to those of you who make the act of contributing as your second                             nature. You are the unsung heroes!

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