…And The Award Goes To…


What a week it had been… With 3 funerals and a wedding, hmm… sounds like a movie title in the making… errr… Unlike 4 Weddings and a Funeral, my kind of movie will have magical touches of Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen. A well choreographed sword fighting scene would also be included somewhere even without relevance (Quentin Tarantino’s style, of course!)…  Hahaha…

It would have been 4 funerals but one was in a league of its own, i.e. to commemorate the anniversary of my father’s death. That does not count, right? Hmmm… In a midst of a weird week of mixed emotions, I started thinking about my own mortality. It has nothing to do with aging, mind you. Maybe it is because of reading the piece about him, remembering him, hence missing him terribly… I begin to think about my own deeds and my future demise…

Pre AMC and Platinum days, death and mortality had never crossed my mind. When faced by deaths of those close to me, I was affected to a certain extent but it had never taken a profound toll in my day to day activities. I had always accepted the fact that death and taxes are the two definite things in life, which we cannot escape from. I was resigned to just, ‘Life goes on, no matter what.’

So it was until one day, I was taken aback when someone suggested that I shop for my own white cloth in preparation for my own death. I thought it was a bit strange and I never thought I would die soon as I had just touched 30. Her logic was that it would constantly remind me of my own transit in this life and would then motivate me to do a lot of good in this world before I pass. Hmmm… What a morbid and strange idea! The idea did not gel well with me but it was her opinion and I just smiled and brushed it aside. Imagine the wrath of Khan if she chanced upon bales of white cloth in the closet! All hell will break loose and I would be like overdone barbecued mutton and the white cloth will surely be put to great use to bandage the burns instead…

It was long after that the subject resurfaced. It was during a Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture in which I had the pleasure to attend. The way he put forth the subject was spot on and I was in tears by the end of his lecture. Instead of focusing on death, he advocated progress in life; the present as well as for the future (hereafter). What struck me was a statement he posed which started it all, “…Think and ask yourself the reason Allah had put you on this earth and start from there…

To me both scenarios deal with the same thing (our deeds and our demise) but the focus is as different as night and day. It is just like “The end justifying the means” while the other “The means justifying the end”. My choice was of course number 2. It is a choice that has profoundly influenced the person I am today and the person I aspire to become. Number 1 well, it just would not work for me!

I am still learning, understanding and trying to do a lot of good in this transient life. We are, after all, humans. We are always ‘Work In Progress’ till the day we die. I believe the main thing about life is to progress each day. Progress — according to our own personalized definition, not the meaning from the dictionary and definitely not someone else’s.

The foundation of it all is about knowing comprehensively the kind of person we are. What we need is to get our grey cells working to draw up our own personalized SWOT analysis (but I would leave the ‘T’ as in ‘Threat’ out of the analysis). Oh yes, we need to think hard and seek the answers truthfully from within ourselves. The Mind is still the star player, as always. The concept is in AMC module and it is popularly known as “Mengenal, Mengawal & Memaksimakan Fikiran” (To Know, Control & Maximize the Mind).

AMC/Platinum is beyond learning the functions and the capabilities of the brain.

 It is beyond learning to attract and get the things we need and want.

It is beyond parenting and relationship woes.

AMC/Platinum is about changing your perceptions to create a better life.

It is also about finding answers and reasons of our own creation, the journey and the Hereafter.

A balanced approach towards life in an enjoyable manner using our Minds as the tool and AMC/Platinum as the methodology. Hence, what are you waiting for? Sign up, learn, apply and experience the amazing effects in your life. The world would then be your oyster!


But are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?


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