Confession of a Masked Mango Tree

the-almighty-stakeholders-economics-life-decisions-right-choices-keajaiban-minda-ATS-amcIt has been quite an eventful week for me… with a bump on my head caused by a branch falling over me. Well, it was my own doing in a way as I had the intention of chopping it off. It is big! Yes, I know the tree heard me and decided to teach me a lesson. Hahaha… so now it is back to just pruning it… Sorry mango tree!

Alas we sometimes forget the good things and deeds that something or someone had given us… especially when it is nearing its expiry date, or nearing the end of his/her optimum productive life. When they are on the decline (in use), we complain, find faults and slowly tend to forget about them. When they get in the way, we tend to find ways to have them removed.

I always hear phrases like,

The Mask…

“It should go to make way for progress. This is the way forward!”

“It is taking up too much expensive land area. A block of condominium would generate more income for the company.”

“I wish he would just quit so we could employ fresh blood who might have new ideas.”

“I know she is very young but I have to send her off to the boarding school because she could not get along with her brothers and sisters.”

“If we chopped the tree, it will be easier to mow the lawn! What about a fish pond, instead?”

Hence to my dismay I witness interesting old buildings being demolished, parks getting downsized, experienced employees being ostracized and then laid off, children being sent away, tree being cut down…

Behind the Mask…

“Why bother with maintenance? A new complex is maintenance free for a few years!”

“More units sold would mean more profit. Fat bonuses for everyone!”

“Profit margin : Experienced employee = Higher salary… Do the math!”

“I just cannot stand the noise at home…”

“The amount of leaves I have to rake each week!”

To a certain extent we are guilty of taking the convenient way out in life… Instead of thinking and searching for the best solutions to rectify and solve the problems, we just let them go. Yes, we do have tools to measure and analyze the situations. Enter the Cost-Benefit Analysis and Comparative Advantage, just to name two. Rest assured… Spin doctors can magically justify and present legitimate and sound reasons with plausible explanations in a nice gift wrapped packages according to those who employed them. They are good in what they do. They are experienced competent communicators and without knowing, we would jump into the bandwagon. Some parents too, are good spin doctors…

The Mask – Revealed…

“The future is for the next person in charge to think about.”

“Leave it to the next CEO to come up with creative answers pertaining to the uneven development in the area.”

“Let the HR department deal with hostile working environment.”

“She will learn to bridge the gap with her siblings, later in life.”

“My nephews and nieces can always buy any kinds of mango they fancy…”

It took a bump on my head to realize that I had fallen into the same short term trap of making a decision according to my own personal liking and convenience. I had forgotten that I would miss talking, fertilizing, cajoling the tree to fruition. I have forgotten that my room would be like an oven during the dry season… I have forgotten the sweetness the tree brings… the anticipation of the mangoes ripening… the happiness on everyone’s faces when sharing the bounty…

 It is back to basic.

As for me, no more talks about cutting down the tree… Now, I just want to enjoy my mango tree and its fruit till it dies a natural death unless there is another favourable option. Yes, back to AMC… I am praying for a better and favourable option, whatever it might be.

In my view, discussing the issue at hand with those who are affected (stakeholders) is the best. More often, creative ideas do stem out from honest, healthy and productive discussions.

The Mask – Discarded…

What do the stakeholders (internal and external) prefer?

Building a modern and state of the art complex or restoring a building for its historical and sentimental value?

Building a luxury condominium block or upgrading the park to generate more visitors and create economic opportunities for the community?

Offering voluntary retirement scheme or re-branding and celebrating the company’s long history and experience in the business?

Sending the daughter off or discussing the problem with her?

The choice is entirely in our hands. May The Almighty guide us to the right choices for the benefit of all stakeholders. Have a pleasant day, people… do excuse me as I have a meeting with the mango tree to plan and discuss our next course of action…


p/s: Mango tree: “Just let me be for the time being… Let me serve as a reminder as the last tree standing here, planted by your dad.”

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