It’s Not A Bird! It’s Not A Plane! It’s the Kerengga Woman!

think-correctly-happened-according-to-absentminded-subconsciousness-right-mind-swelling-kerengga-rain-dance-keajaibanminda-alphateamsolutions-AMC-malaysia-khairanyLying in bed while recuperating from a bout of ‘something’, I cannot help but laughed at the thing that got me in bed for four days. Yes, my SOP whenever I am sick; recalling, laughing and sharing the story… What else could I do? I had slept long enough to last me for sometime but I was not allowed to get up for fear I would wander off into the garden and start raking the leaves, again.

Well, that was THE thing that got me sick in the first place! I am not one who cracks one’s head to identify the reasons of my being sick. To me if I am down, I am down and that’s that. Blaming game of the sweltering heat, the haze, and the Sarawak State Election — not my cuppa!  I embrace all that has happened wholeheartedly, including being sick. Remember that it can be my doing, too!

Sorry, I digress… reason for laughing… If I remember correctly a colony of kerengga decided to take up residence in the garden beginning of last year. I just ignored their presence initially as I thought it would be a symbiotic relationship between us. What started as just one colony on the grand mango tree, by December turned into colonies of red army! I guess they are so happy and secured in their new home that they decided to multiply rapidly to ensure their continuing genetic line. Hahaha…

They were everywhere and the Khan refused to water the plants for she had a fair share of getting attacked and bitten by the vicious red army. I felt so sorry for her that I assigned my sister to put her Platinum AMC lesson into practice. Her task was to ask the kerengga the reason they were everywhere. The reply was “Let us be. We are here to help protect you.” Okay… A legitimate answer! So next morning I decided to tell them to stay away from the Khan. I managed to convince the Khan that they will let her be and state that they are there for a very good reason. Thank God, from then on, the Khan was free from being attacked till today.

It is totally opposite for me. There is never a day (when I am out there), without me getting viciously attacked and bitten! Alas, I suffered and I persevered until last week. The week before last was a busy one; with the AMC workshop, the Khan’s birthday and a wedding that caused me to neglect the garden. As soon as I had the chance, I just had to rake the leaves under the grand old tree! Sure enough I was ambushed like nobody’s business — attacked from all sides; for encroaching the enemy line! It was a sight to see and I bet my neighbours thought I was performing the ‘Rain Dance’ ritual when in actual fact I was shaking and brushing off the kerengga. Yet I continued raking till the task was completed while hearing the Khan in the background… screaming?

Much later did I realize the reason for the Khan’s screams of disbelief. My arms, legs, parts of my scalp and ‘other’ places… were swollen…. due to the reaction from multiple attack bites! Well… Hehehe… and I thought it would just be that…

I woke up the next day feeling a bit under the weather with my head throbbing and ears drumming one of Black Sabbath’s songs… Suddenly I remembered the attack! Okay… Hopefully I can be like Peter Parker… a new superhero, Nany the Kerengga Woman! Hehehe…

My hopes were cruelly smashed to smithereens when they were not mutant kerengga! There goes my ambition to save the world! Instead, I suffered an allergic reaction, thanks to the red army! Only on the fourth day (i.e. today) I remembered. I had asked them to only spare the Khan! Ooops, I did it again… I proved that it all happened because of my own absentmindedness. As soon as I am well enough to be in the garden, I shall have a very long talk with the General in a true Platinum AMC style. In the mean time… Shhh… Leave me be. Am busy dreaming of talking to my adorable giraffe. Hehehe…


p/s: Dr. Doolittle, you are not alone! Hehehe…

* Kerengga – Weaver Ants / Oecophylla

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