Shhh… Experiment Is In Session

learning-believing-teachersday-nursesday-firefightersday-courage-coldcalls-learn-working-work-stories-experiences-mind-employment-career-INSEP-leap-thinking-foreign-soil-keajaibanminda-AMC-KhairanyIt is the month of May and I am amazed there are quite a number of celebrations, this month has in store. Before the internet, all I knew was just the Labour Day and Teachers’ Day. Now I know that in between was the Firefighters’ Day. Then it was the Nurses’ Day. I learnt that today is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day and the list goes on. Okayyy… it is a string of celebrations and  only the 17th to date…  I wonder what comes next… I do not mind it at all. Celebrating those who have selflessly devoted their lives in their own chosen vocations is commendable. It is a day to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation for all their blood, sweat and tears in performing their work to the best of their abilities. After all, I am in Malaysia where celebration of any kind is synonymous to good food! Hehehe…

As we enjoy the endless celebrations and good food like true Malaysians, it is a good time to reflect on our contribution towards our employers. For the vast majority of people, we had at one point or another; had gone through the same process before getting to where we are now. A process of going through the Standard Employment Flow Chart (SEFC)– school then on to college for that piece of scroll. Upon graduation, came a period of uncertainty of sending out hundreds of resumes and CVs, and waiting anxiously for that one call– for an interview. Once the interview was over, again we were put through the agony of waiting for the result. If we were successful, hence began our journey in the career world. For those who were unsuccessful, the SEFC would restart from the top. The loop only ends when one lands into one’s dream job.

Over the years as a trainer I had the good fortune to conduct classes for a wide spectrum of audience. I enjoy it very much as my job gives me the opportunity to meet people from diverse background—cross culturally different in age, ethnicity, financial background, social status up to their academic qualifications. The thing I enjoyed the most is the stories they share, about their employment history.

I was just being me. I ask because people, do interest me. Yes, people are interesting and I love stories. I believe there is always something to learn from their stories and experiences, regardless how weird and unbelievable they can be. I just listen.

I can conclude that most of the trainees I met went through the same process as described earlier. On the average, most spent about three months to two years in unemployment before recruitment. An extreme example is an engineering graduate who had gone through ten interviews in six months! After the tenth interview, he decided to enroll in a ten-month government’s Industrial Skills Enhancement Program, hoping the edge would change his luck.

I very often hear similar stories. Going through a period of unemployment is never easy. The uncertainty is never good for the self esteem. There must be a better way…

It started as an experiment. Well, life is, nothing but a series of experiments, anyway… Recently, someone close to me decided to embark on a new career path, and on foreign soil! I supported her decision, but once THE flowchart flashed blindingly in my mind, I felt that she deserved a better and easier way. She agreed when asked whether she was game to experiment what we had learnt in AMC.

She went through the process of sending her CVs but only to three pre-selected organizations. At the same time she summoned her courage to make a cold call to a company. She was interviewed straightaway and was asked to go for a second interview at the head office the next day. Not knowing what to expect, apart from setting her mind that everything should be good, she went and was informed that she had to sit for a written test before the interview. It turned out that her score was one of the highest the company had seen. It was a surprise, because knowing her; she gets nervous in examinations! The interview came soon after and it was a pleasant experience. The panel of interviewers was nice and friendly and by the end of it, they told her that she had passed that stage and was scheduled for the final interview the day after.

To cut the story short, she got the job and the whole process only took her a week! Everything happened so fast and smooth— just the way we wanted and prayed to be. I am happy for her and I hope she remembers her promises.—1. Her main objective to work there. 2. The kind of employee she said she would be for that company. 3. Her contribution towards the company’s productivity.

Our experiment proved to be a success. There is indeed a better alternative in starting a career or venturing into unfamiliar grounds. We managed to remove the agonies of uncertainties and anxieties; and focusing only on pleasant and positive thoughts. Of course the end should be clear—seeing oneself in the company’s setting! Well, she does it the AMC way and she is now enjoying her job, as we speak! Kudos to her for having the courage to apply AMC and showing others that it can be done! Everything is possible if you desperately want it to happen!




p/s: Currently the song is in my head!

Click the link below and enjoy it as I do!

“Listen as your day unfolds

Challenge what the future holds

Try and keep your head up to the sky…” –Des’ree

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