Leave It Alone… It’s Turning, Into a New Leaf!

paradigm-shift-blue-ocean-strategy-cort-thinking-migration-mind-physical-mizznina-jimmy-choo-maal-hijrah-malaysia-amc-khairanyIt is a beautiful morning! The weather is cool; the birds are chirping melodiously and the monkeys in the jungle nearby hooting and greeting each other happily. It is music to my ears and it is something that I usually missed whenever I am away from home. My only contribution to this masterpiece is just being there as a spectator, soaking up the surrounding from the balcony, and enjoying the peacefulness with my morning coffee accompanied by the Khan’s yellow roses which are in full bloom. It is a fantastic start!

I see migratory birds in the garden, pecking away at the rocks in the garden. They have been coming here for some years now. At first I was puzzled by the sound and upon close inspection I had found they were not local. This year, they come early… and a thought struck me…

In a few days Muslims around the world will be celebrating the Islamic New Year or the Maal Hijrah. It is the start of the Islamic calendar and historically it is the mark of Prophet Muhamad’s (pbuh) hijrah from Mekah to Madinah. (Hijrah is an Arabic word which means flight, departure, migration or journey.)

There is always a purpose in hijrah. Prophets had gone through it. The birds do it when the seasons change. Some of us do it, too. It is for something better, a turning point where one has to decide for him/herself to make that initial step in improving one’s life.

Hijrah, to me is about a migration or a journey of change. It can mean a lot of things but for the purpose of this piece, I am limiting myself to explain it in three aspects; migrating physically, mentally or spiritually. The objective remains the same; leaving behind the previous location, obsolete way of thinking or the decadent lifestyle, and of course replacing them with better alternatives.

There are of course, examples of success stories to follow and emulate. Apart from the prophet, there are others who had ‘made it’ after the Hijrah. Those who had ‘made it’ after a geographical Hijrah include Datuk Jimmy Choo who founded the brand ‘Jimmy Choo’ which is synonymous to high fashion. Who would have thought a young lad from a humble beginning had made a name of himself across the globe! If it was not for his Hijrah to the United Kingdom…

There are always Hijrah of the mind… New ways of thinking keep surfacing every few years to replace and upgrade the previous ‘obsolete software’. To date, we have heard and read about the Paradigm Shift, Lateral Thinking, De Bono’s CoRT Thinking and the latest, the Blue Ocean Strategy (and the list goes on and on…) being promoted and implemented. I wonder, “What will they think of next?”… Hehehe…

Then we have the spiritual Hijrah. The kind that usually happen after a disaster or a major incident that marked a turning point in someone’s life. Sometimes it can be a near death experience whereby seeing the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel scene flashed through one’s mind… It can be just about anything to spur the change. It can even be the migratory birds I saw just now… Hehehe… Mizz Nina had gone through the spiritual Hijrah, and she did it a stylishly  amazing job. Then there are ‘born-again’ religious groups… Born-again Christians, Buddhists, Jews… Yes, they had gone through ‘it’ according to their belief systems.(There are so many examples I can cite but I am trying to contain myself…)

Hijrah begins with the Mind. When the Mind has decided upon it, everything will nicely and neatly falls into place. Fret not of the future and its ‘uncertainties’. Shape the path and march on, come what may.  Whichever kind of Hijrah, one may choose, as long as he/she is ready for change and improvement, then be it. As long as the outcome is favourable to the person, so be it. It is not for us to judge, it is our duty to respect, support and encourage those who are embarking on the Hijrah. For those who are still thinking about Hijrah:… Mizz Nina had once upon a time sang, “What You Waiting For”?

Salam Maal Hijrah!


P/s: Definitely making that journey in 2017, insyaAllah!

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