Excuse Me Madam. May I Help You?

good-thoughts-society-dystopia-symbiotic-sop-standard-operation-procedure-relationship-amc-government-sector-alpha-telepathy-kuantan-malaysia-may-the-force-be-with-you-keajaibanminda-alphateamsolution“How on earth did you get them to do it so fast? I had a series of bad episodes when dealing with them since… forever! They were so unhelpful and condescending!”

Complaints like the above are common especially when dealing with government related agencies. I am always puzzled as I have nothing but praises for them since… forever! Hehehe…

“If only we can function without them!”…

Hehehe… You think? if only… but what kind of life would that be? It is different if dystopia is your cup of tea… I do not think society can function without them. Newsflash: It is never going to happen! From the day we were born till the day we die, we cannot help but have dealings with them for all our official documents like the birth certificate, identification card (MyKad), passport and death certificate. Then there are the annual road tax and driving license renewal, annual quit rent and other taxes. They are there to facilitate and endorse our official identities and manage maintenance works for our well being… the neighbourhood street lights, potholes, fallen trees, burst pipes, mosquitoes, strays, and the list goes on…

So, we just have to face it, we cannot avoid dealing with them. It is a relationship we cannot escape from; and they, with us. It is a symbiotic relationship.  We need each other for society to function healthily, happily and efficiently. (By the way, I see no strays this morning!)

I have time and again positively reminded those who complained about the service that the agencies have tremendously improved, compared to twenty years ago. Few listened and came back smilingly. Others just refused to believe and only listen to their own voices. (Perhaps, stuck in a broken time machine, eh?)

“They never change… You pull strings? Name dropping?”

No, I do not and what strings do I have, except to annually pull open my purse strings to settle the taxes and renewal of the licenses; plus the only name I always drop is mine as I get a little bit upset whenever anyone misspells my name. Hehehe…

It is all in the mind. Things can be done quickly and efficiently if everything is in order and well organized. Gathering the proper documents is important but for me, to prepare for it mentally is paramount. As I always reiterated, only good thoughts! Having good thoughts that would translate into good words, hence good actions. That is our part. Thinking, feeling, doing and embracing all that is good would of course attract good outcomes. That, I think should be sufficient for our usual annual encounters. For more complex issues, the mental preparation would mean taking a step further; Alpha Telepathy- proven to be a helpful method as it is easy and practical.

It is easy as we have had the experience. SOPs are great as factors involved are mostly constants while the only variable is the human factor. Therefore the human factor is the one that needs a bit of work, i.e. telepathy. Easy!

As for it being practical; we can do it ourselves, anytime and anywhere before the appointed time. No need for external assistance, no need for affirmations to be repeated over and over again, no need to pull strings and no need for name dropping to create an element of threat. (Why… oh why… do people have to be that way?)

All that is needed is just ourselves; our good thoughts, good words and confidence that the outcome is in our favour.

“Gosh! I had to listen to the officer’s long lecture! Hey, how come you got it easy? Didn’t you get to listen to a lecture about your offence?”

“Really? Oh, I just apologized, and paid my fine. That was it. Sorry, one more thing I had forgotten to mention… I smiled before taking my leave.”

With that I left the young engineer standing there, looking confused… and like a good Kuantan citizen, I smiled before taking my leave… Hehehe…

“May the force be with you!”

–Citizen Khairany

p/s: It takes a lot of courage for someone to profess his love to you… Thank you!

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