“What is The Colour of Love?”

what-is-love-relatiohnship-happiness-hopes-vision-of-love-wings-of-love-dreams-psychedellic-whats-the-color-of-love-keajaibanminda-amc-khairany-alphateamsolutions“What is The Colour of Love?”[1]

Is love only about… overcoming obstacles and hardship? Of sacrifice… suffering and of heartache? If it is all about those themes, then why do people do it repeatedly, risking  pride and self worth to be called irrational fools, all in the name of LOVE? Is it worth all that? Hmmm…

I had just finished watching 40 episodes of a Chinese television series, Chronicles of Love and at the end of it, I felt a bit upset and disappointed over the ending. It was unlike me to watch such genre but for the sake of the Khan, I did… to keep her company and besides, the shots were beautiful plus the hero is quite good looking!

(Yes, I am human too!)

“What Is Love… Anyway?” [2]

Back to the story… it chronicled an emperor’s trials and tribulations in keeping and protecting the only woman he truly loved. Of course, like most plots, the happiness they shared was short lived. She was later sentenced to house arrest (err… palace arrest) and the lovers were sentence to a life of separation for the rest of their lives. A case of ‘so near yet so far’ … Hence the story ended whereby the emperor suffered and endured 40 years of the painful ordeal till the day the he died. (*No mention of when the concubine passed but I guess it was earlier.)

“That’s The Way Love Goes…” [3]

I was like, “What?” For the life of me, I just could not comprehend how one could endure living a life like such! I know, it is only a story but for the script writers to have thought of such a plot, is beyond me. Then again bottom line, matters! It appeals to the masses and they need a good rating to survive in the industry… The movie industry would go bust if they cater to the likes of me… Hehehe…

“What’s love but a sweet old fashioned notion…” [4]

How I wish the Emperor and his concubine had taken another course of action! If love is such a powerful force that could overcome all obstacles (like most keep claiming), shouldn’t it be enough for ‘it’ to conjure up ways for them to be happy together till the end of days? Hmmm… How I wish they had attended AMC…

“The Heart Wants What It Wants”[5]

Their need to be together was not strong enough. Definitions of them being happy together were different, unclear, and  not synchronized. My deduction? Well, through learning and experience; they were not desperate enough to be together. That was it! If we really want something or in this case, someone; we would exhaust all resources and ideas to make sure that the outcome is in our favour. Right? They did not try hard enough. They did not want it that badly. Perhaps the concubine felt the time they shared was enough to last her (not them, okay?) lifetime… The fear of a future together probably frightened her to death!

It all boils down to honesty between the two parties. Can anyone honestly and completely, disclose everything (especially fears) to his/her partner? Sharing hopes and dreams are okay, but fears? Especially when it comes down to their own future of being together? I do not think so… If there is even a speck of doubt in either or both their thoughts… all that they have worked for, would fall like a house of cards when the wind blows.

Vision Of Love[6]

The shared vision should be vivid.

The prayers should be parallel.

The wishes should complement each other.

The dream should be one.

When everything is in place, the only thing to do is to enjoy Life and the wonders of the “Crazy Little Thing Called Love!”[7] If you are still confused and clueless like the Emperor, there is always AMC! Hehehehe…

Let’s Be On The Wings of Love & Let Love Prosper!


p/s: The colour of my ‘Chronicles of Love’? Psychedelic! Hehehe…Now it’s time for me to get the canvas out and start painting my own new Colours of Love! Btw, what’s yours?

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