Relighting The Fire of Hope

festival-illuminate-makan-awesome-one-nation-colour-blind-helping-hand-peace-love-hospitalsultanahaminah-deepavali-keajaiban-minda-alphateamsolutions-malaysia-khairanyIt is Deepavali this Saturday, the 29th of October! Another celebration means another round of makan-makan amongst us, Malaysians. Oh, we are so blessed to be here where food continues to flow in abundance all year round! Yeah, bring it on, please. Hehehe…

While I daydream about the goodies what Saturday brings, it dawned upon me the significance of the festival. It is supposed to be more than enjoying good food with close friends, eh? I just have to refresh my memory so as to be a good Malaysian, culturally. The knowledge I gained was from what I had learnt in school…

Deepavali is a festival that celebrates triumph over the dark evil forces and hence the translation; The Festival of Lights. That was from school. We had to memorize it for examination, okay? If not, yours truly would just list putu mayam, mutton curry, puri, rogan josh, mango chutney… as the answer! Hehehe…

Mr. Wikipedia supplied a better and clearer meaning to  Deepavali as it “signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.”.

In a nutshell, celebrating all that is good and favourable in this life! It has always been the universal preferences; the norm. Most of us prefer to be where the light is, giving, receiving and experiencing the good things in life, being knowledgeable and of course, always being hopeful for better and better things to come our way.

While we are excitedly waiting for Deepavali… disaster reared its ‘ugly’ face. Not our usual flood situations nor horrifying road accidents but a fire at the ICU ward in Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru… It has only been 24 hours (at the time I am writing this) and we are still in a state of shock. I am still…

Tears came streaming down learning about patients who had perished in the fire, firemen saving patients, nurses saving babies at the pediatric ward, hospital staff (all of them, okay!) scurrying about performing their duties selflessly in putting the patients’ lives their priority amidst the chaos, of NGOs and Mc Donald’s who were there distributing food, drinks and support to them all and the kind Malaysian public who continuously pray for everyone’s safety and well being.

That is solidarity! It has always been that, especially when tragedy befallen us. Especially now, we witness everyone extending a hand to others…

We… being colour blind;

We… just being Malaysians.

We have proven that we see others beyond religion, colour or creed.

We are here.

We are experiencing it.

We bear witness to all that has happened.

We have proven that we are okay as a nation.

We should listen to our hearts and minds.

Ward off those nasty and malicious voices!

We have triumphed over all the political/racial/religious stereotyping. We have proven that we do get our priorities right. Of saving lives, saving patients, babies and all; by performing daily duties without the comforts the hospital staff are used to (for the sick is still sick and needs to be attended…)  and giving the best service they can without taking time out for grief… We, helping in any single way we know how…

Thank you to all for dispelling darkness over the horror stories we heard of government agencies; the Police force, BOMBA and government hospitals. This case has proven them all wrong! You have always been the Malaysian Heroes.

Thank you to all for demonstrating our nation true wealth of compassion. It always wins when competing against transient wealth… For coming in and sacrificing your off day…

Thank you to all for having hopes instead of lamenting in despair. Thank you for hoping for the best for those who were affected.

Thank you for all the dua-s and prayers.

Thank you!

… Isn’t this Malaysia is supposed to be? Our solidarity should be beyond compare and celebrated. We should not limit our  solidarity only in Malaysian food and festivals, okay! Hehehe…

Let’s have only correct thoughts that lead us to the Truth.

Let’s have only good thoughts that lead us to the Light.

Let’s have only wise thoughts that lead us to the correct Knowledge.

Happy Deepavali!



Rejoice for I believe there is still hope!

…I’m beginning to see the light!…

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