Unbelievable? Nah… It’s A Kind of Magic!


It is so good to be back! The rain, the kopitiams, the people, and especially the food! Oh, the blessed life that I missed during my solitude. Never mind the grass crying out to be mowed. Never mind the wailing of the trees that need pruning. Never mind the heaps of clothes that are needed to be laundered. I am happy; after recharging my system during my leave of absence.

On The Periphery of My Sphere:

I came home in the early hours of the morning and was amazed by the flow of traffic. If one did not know better, one would have thought it was 10:00 p.m. and not 2:00 a.m.! To think that we are in a midst of economic downturn… The amount of traffic at that hour surely did not indicate any economic dampening effect(s)… Meaning, yours truly had no choice but to politely adhere to the speed limit! As my luck would have it, there was a road block! Phew! Hehehe…

I am grateful that everything was okay when I was away; nothing of personal nature. No major incidents except for water problems– a whole lot of it from the heavens above and 3 days shortage of it down on earth. Hehehe…

Within My Sphere:

After 30 Days of Solitude, I am rejuvenated mind, body and spirit. I am back on track with all the things that I should, want and love to do; places I plan to visit and explore; and relationships that I should, want and love to foster, rekindle and reinforce. My zest of life is now being restored! Wink! Wink!

Outside Of My Sphere:

I came back to have missed two major headlines:  Trump and Castro.

Trump had won the US presidential election! There is nothing much I can say about it but to respect the decision the majority of Americans had made and to pray for the best. (The act should be extended reciprocally to other nations, too!) Others might beg to differ but personally, I think Trump’s vision of becoming the President was more vivid than that of Clinton’s. At the end of the race, Trump’s trump card was his vivid visualization plus his greater zest for the position compared to his opponent.

It was disappointing that Hillary Clinton had slipped the chance through her fingers. She had had the advantage as she had once lived her life in The White House, had firsthand experience in witnessing the running of the office and had taken part in the administration’s state functions. By right, her vision (with all her 5 senses working together) should be clearer and more precise but… I suspect that there are parts in her that rejected the idea and were not fully ready for it… painful (and unmodified) memories still haunting her when she was the First Lady, perhaps? I hope she is modifying and replacing all the unpleasant memories as I write now… Hmmm…

I was a bit sad with the passing of the charismatic Fidel Castro as I had always thought of him being an immortal since I was a child. (A case of too much Higlander movies!) His larger than life persona being constantly portrayed on the news (print as well as electronic) had always fascinated me. Much later, having to study about the theories of communication (Bay of The Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis were discussed) had reignited my interest (purely academic) in his leadership qualities and communication skills. The thing that amazed me most was his tremendous good luck in surviving hundreds (reportedly 638!) of assassination attempts.

Castro’s zest for power and life (as he envisioned) were the two main reasons in my opinion that had shaped him into the Fidel Castro we know. He would not have survived politically and attempts on his life if he was not strong willed and definite, in the things he had envisioned. He had achieved what he had set out to do and he passed knowing that fully well.

As we read the papers or watch the news, let us think about how great leaders come to power and stay in power. It might start off with a Dream but later it all comes down to their spirit and determination in fulfilling their ambitions, a.k.a. The Vision. It would then be translated into them embracing The Vision and moving towards achieving their ultimate goal(s). Once all the forces are in sync and the goal(s) have materialized, the only thing left to do is accept and enjoy it, gratefully! It depends on the individual, to end it there or to continue dreaming of other goals.

So, what are you waiting for? As we say in AMC: Change Your Perception to Change Your Life!

Enjoy your year-end holidays, &

Happy New Year!

May You Live Long & Prosper,


* Fidel Castro was awarded the Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara by the Malaysian King on 11th May 2001.

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