Oh My… Weeds on Steroids?

weeding-gardening-garden-monsoon-assessment-self-auditing-doriangray-categorizing-progressing-better-individuals-khairany-amc-alphateamsolutions-kuantan-keajaibanmindaThe weeds are like… on steroids! Hehehe… Well, it is one of those things that monsoon brought each year. It is not so bad if you see it every day but when you are away for a month and come back to not a lawn but a sea of weeds, it is a different story. It can create quite an impact visually. Reaction varies from person to person depending on the individuals’ perception and reasoning…

There were four who came back to the same scenario in the early hours of the morning. Their reactions:

A: I am so not going to the garden! God knows what lurks between the grasses!

B: When was the LAST time you mowed the lawn?

C: It’s okay. It is just monsoon, right?

D: Hehehe… Tomorrow I shall be Laura Ingalls and pretend to run down the slope like in The Little House on the Prairie! Mowing can be done after ‘shooting’, okay? Hehehe…

Above is just an example to illustrate how different all of us can be in reacting to a common situation. One can read up all about the types of personalities and classify each and every one above accordingly. As for me, there is no categorizing as such, as we are humans. We are forever changing, adapting and progressing according to our acquired and received knowledge, experience and environment. We are never constant, always an ever changing variable.

We can look within ourselves and truthfully assess our hopes and dreams since when we were children. If that seems like a lifetime ago, try going back ten years. We are not completely the same person, right? Physically— of course unless few of us possess painting with similar effect to Portrait of Dorian Gray! We might not even dress the same way as we did ten years ago.

Our values, hopes and aspirations have probably changed. We might have achieved what we aimed for, and now we are aiming for bigger things, right? Or in retrospect, the things we dreamt about ten years ago were so ridiculous that we blush whenever we remembered how young and foolish we once were! Hehehe… (I know how ridiculous I was when i dreamt of being Mrs. Usher!)

We no longer think the same way and of course, we do not act the same. We acquire and receive more knowledge and experience in the span of those 10 years and we change accordingly. Some just changed and some have progressed. Provided that we acquire and receive good and positive knowledge and experience, only then I believe we are progressing—becoming better and matured individuals, today. If they (of thought and action) are just different, then some of us are just changing– according to the order of the day…. (* ‘changing‘ has a better connotation than ‘regressing‘, right?)

Do remember that one acquires something by choice (of knowledge, wealth, fame, etc.). Hence we only seek all that we think that is good for us. While the word ‘receive’ is accepting something that has been given. It can be material things or ‘suggestions’ from others (ideas, people, things and media– do read: Sowing The Seeds of…) around us. It can be voluntary and involuntary, positive as well as negative!

So what makes us better individuals compared to ten years ago? A combination of good acquired and received knowledge and experience, together with positive environment (all five senses working efficiently, too!) which would reinforce our belief system but the most important part, above all is our Mind. It is because it controls…

The way we think.

The way we perceive things around us.

The way we interpret events.

The way we react.

Just like the way we take care of our bodies, with good and healthy food; our Minds too deserve the same treatment– to be fed with all the proper nutrients (input). Good and healthy food manifests into a healthier body. Thus a well nourished Mind would translate into good words and good deeds.

So, are we better individuals than we were ten years ago? Are we more successful? Are we happier? Are we kinder to others? Are we more respectful of others? Are we more tolerant? Are we more patient? The list goes on… Let us audit our lives and reflect– only we ourselves truthfully know the answer…

It is still January and I think it is apt for us to do just that for a better 2017. Have fun auditing yourself! I can smell an exciting 2017 from here… the smell of freshly cut grass! Hehehe…


p/s: Happy (Belated) Birthday to a dear friend! Hope the coming of the Rooster brings you good Health, Prosperity and a clear Mind… and a steroid full of Goodness! Hehehe..

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