Why Should I Keep An Open Mind? No, thanks… I Prefer Safeguarding It!


Oh the two months is now finally over! From Christmas right through to the Chinese New Year, it was like an endless flow of festivals, celebrations… and of course, good food. It is good to be in the land of plenty! Hehehe…

Apart from the endless flow of delicious food, it was the time for me to enjoy reconnecting with a few of my friends, reinforcing relationship with extended family members, and meeting new and interesting people.

My kind of socializing is about just continuing filling the gaps of our life stories from where we left off, from the previous encounter. I was happy to find out all the interesting things that had happened to them. Mostly happy news like being promoted, getting engaged/married, planning, venturing into and diversifying businesses, introducing new babies, new passions, and the list goes on. Happy faces and good news were plenty! Yes, we are definitely in the land of plenty.

Indeed, life is how you make it to be. If one plans one’s life accordingly, the reward is as expected. Nobody plans to fail, right? In venturing into any new activity, one should not keep an open mind. You might think there is a typo in my previous sentence or you might think that I have lost my marbles, right? Hehehe… Yes, you just read that one correctly. The sentence is correct. I do not think that anyone of us should keep an open mind. One should avoid it, at best.

I just dislike the phrase, “Keep an open mind”. Why should we keep an open mind? If it is open, then everything, not only the good but the bad and ugly ones (suggestions) have equal chance to easily enter and corrupt our Mind.

Think of your house, a shelter—a basic necessity that fulfils one of the four basic needs according to Maslow. It is your refuge; your sanctuary; and a place you feel safe in. Do you want to keep it open all the time? I believe you are shaking your head now… The security of your life and the lives of those whom are dear to you should be your priority. Why take the unnecessary risk of letting just about anything and anyone to walk into your home, eh?

Then there is the door. Why install a door if one wants to keep it open all the time? The answer is simple… it is within our rights and prerogative to decide what or who can enter, right? Of course, we only let in things and people we prefer.

Having said that, should we not give special care and attention to our Mind? If our house is well protected like the Fort Knox, shouldn’t we do the same to our Mind? Do we really want everything to enter without any filtering or security checks?

Are you sure you want to keep an open Mind when open would mean welcoming EVERYTHING regardless whether the idea or suggestion is viable or destructive? I think not… Everyone in his/her right Mind would only want the good, the beneficial and positive ideas, right? If we can invest in the best security system for our homes and install the best firewall system and antivirus program for our gadgets, why not do the same to the most important gift the Almighty has bestowed upon us?

Do you still want to keep an open Mind? If you do, do so at your own risk. As for me, I prefer safeguarding it, the AMC style! Hehehe…

Mind over Matter,


p/s: Love is as you define it…

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