Young Dreams, Should Be Dreamt Together…

The results were finally out last week! Hence, the agony of waiting for three months had dissipated into thin air and now it is being replaced with decisions on the next stage of our young Malaysians’ lives. Regardless of the results, I would like to congratulate all who had sat through the SPM* examination. It is one of those things that a majority of young Malaysians have to go through in being Malaysians.

Being able to survive the examination is a feat, deserved to be congratulated! So many subjects and in less than two years! If one is in the Islamic stream, the subjects are doubled! Same goes for those taking the IGSCE* together with SPM… On top of that they have to fulfill the extracurricular activities requirement set by the government… Yes, they are a tough lot and of course, we all are. We had gone through the same system as well, and we survived! Challenges are different now but the constant is of course, unchanging— i.e. SPM! I used to joke with my trainees that SPM is the most valuable certificate that we, Malaysians, possess. Reason? Do peruse all the job vacancy advertisements in Malaysia regardless of the positions, and you will be pleasantly surprised! Hehehe…

I am happy to learn about the children I know personally, scored straight A-s. They are overjoyed beyond words and I fully understand their feelings. They deserve it. They hoped and they prayed for it and they worked hard for it. The parents too, should be congratulated. They are the driving force behind it all. Their prayers, hopes and support for their children’s success. Parents are the ones who are closest to their children and they are the ones who are responsible in giving good input, ideas and suggestions to their children. Kudos to them!

Though we celebrate excellence, it does not mean that we should dismiss those who did not do as well. Not mediocrity but consistent effort. The group of pupils who had showed marked improvement from strings of F-s to a mixed result of B-s, C-s and D-s. They should also be given due attention and deserving of our praises. They are the ones who need our continued attention and support the most. They are the ones who occasionally need the moral boost in order for them to continue improving themselves. Reassuring them that there will always be rooms for improvement and they will definitely excel if they put their hearts and minds towards their goal in the next stage of their academic life.

I was disturbed, disappointed and angry when I received a message circulated on the
instant messaging system through chat groups, right after the results were out. While some of us were sharing and celebrating good news, there are a few who broadcast a rather disturbing opinion…

Translated, it read, “It is okay if our children didn’t do well in the SPM. We have to remember that maybe he or she is the one who will clean up after us when we are old and feeble!”.

That, made me shook my head vehemently in disbelief for a few minutes! How a mother could wrote and broadcast it? How would her son/daughter feel if he/she had read it? I do not think I am over-reacting but I think that it is unfair for any mother to reduce her son/daughter to just like that! Apart from that, I wonder whether the mother realizes that she had wished them for herself with her eyes wide open!

 Questions and more questions in my head… I really want to understand the stuff that goes on in the mother’s head but it is beyond my comprehension! Did she wish that particular son/daughter not to excel? Did she already assign that particular son/daughter to perform the duty? Did she pray that she will be too feeble to take care of herself in her twilight years? The thing that disturbed me the most was the number of likes the comment garnered… Hmmm…

I am still disturbed; I am still disappointed; but no longer angry. Whatever it is, it is within anyone’s rights to wish for anything that anyone fancies. I just hope that when the very things that he/she wishes for, materialize; he/she should embrace them wholeheartedly… It is after all his/her doing… Hmmm…

Time and time again we should remind ourselves that we are the ones solely responsible for our own lives. Being parents, the responsibility is greater. They are also responsible for their children’s lives!  Thus, it is best that we should be careful to guard our Minds and hearts. We attract what we think about the most. If negative thoughts dominate our Mind and they get translated into words… be ready to face the consequences as no one else is able to help to undo them but ourselves. Why waste time and effort in undoing them when the best and easiest thing to do is to only think about all the good things that life has to offer? The choice is all yours!

AMC style? Chill and pray sincerely!

C’est la vie!

Always wishing the best for all my pupils, students & trainees,

— Khairany

Little joys that put a smile on my face:

  1. when my pupils are able to solve given  Additional Maths questions, and
  2. when they are able to reply in  grammatically correct English!

* SPM : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia which is a Malaysian public examination

IGSCSE: is an English language curriculum offered to students to prepare them for International Baccalaureate, A Level and BTEC Level 3

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