Paranoia, I am not. Pronoia, it is!

Job Hopping! A term that I learnt from a famous Malaysian forum years ago. My first thought about job hopping was ‘Is it some kind of hobby to switch jobs or are they just unhappy?’ It sounds a bit harsh, I apologize. But, when I encountered it myself, I realized it is not a hobby. It is:

a) self discovery of your true blue potential in one’s career,

b) building up networks from different fields, and

c) how you handle yourself in different situations (which I am still learning).

I met a few people who went through Job Hopping Experience. This person, ‘I’,  is a chartered accountant. He worked in the same field but kept changing companies. His situation was like a series of bad first dates. In four years he had been with a minimum of four companies. After an intense game of rubber sets for a few years, he quit his job and decided to open an upmarket cafe with his wife who apparently quit her job before him and sells cakes around KL (during the on-going ‘dates’, he took the barista course in Petaling Jaya).

Another, H, who is a painter that had the job-hopping experience for more than 10 years before he settled down as a painter. His vast experience working in different fields made him who he is now. He was even a flight attendant, once upon a time! Now, he is an accomplished painter whose paintings are permanently placed in the Olympic Museum in Switzerland.

I have started my job hopping experience right after i finished my SPM. I temporary ‘worked’ (more likely experienced the feel of a graphic company than working) under an intern who was doing her internship program there. After finished my degree, i worked at a fiber-optic company, then quit to concentrate on my painting full-time. My painting job was a bitter sweet experience. I got to do my painting full-time. Showed some of them to numerous companies. I almost sold one to a person but i had to turn it down since it was specifically done as a wedding gift for the charted accountant, I. However, my life as an artist was stalled by some family members. They wanted me to be permanently employed. I diverted my career life into a interior design company when offered the job. At last nearly 2 years, i resigned and settled here. In this company. As a normal human being with normal life, rather, a better peace of mind. Until today, there are a few people meddling into my life, telling me to do what they think I like, that could generate REALLY BIG BUCKS.

I got my so-called-normal-life back when I landed a job in the ATS company as administrative executive cum graphic designer! I got to work on my graphics, I could concentrate with my artwork. Still, I did the office work like combating with paperwork and communicating with people (which I was not good at but am okay now). However, my boss, Puan Kaha told me that ‘you are not working, but learning!’. So, I rephrase myself by introducing myself ‘I am learning in this company.’ instead of ‘working’. The reason Puan Kaha told me to switch the word work to learn is to make it sounds fun, which I found it tricky, at first. The ‘fun’ word that I used last time was during my school days. So, I set my mind especially in the morning by saying, ‘Today, I’m going to learn something!’ instead of ‘Today, I’m going to work.’ that sounded rather stressful and boring. The experiment worked, and yeah, by the end of the day ‘Heh, 5.00 already?!’ I guess changing my mind set made a whole lot of difference.

And, finally now, I’m settling down somewhere in the red-dot island seeking new adventures. My adventure to this side of island is least expected by most people that surprised most in so many ways. I must say, the adventures i am still currently exploring is rather extraordinarily interesting in so many ways and totally opposite from what people around me had told me. My experience has been good as per request that everything should be good (as what Bapak Firman always reminds us in his posts, which means i embedded in myself to believe in *pronoia). I have also overcame *mono-phobia and being independent all over again. This is where my strong belief in God took place. Thanks to AMC Platinum course which took me to a whole new level of thinking about God and my place in life.

I could walk alone anywhere nowadays, ask and make small talks with strangers (which is a huge leap since I was known to be the silent sister… i could imagine that my elder sister is laughing while reading this statement!) and learn to self indulge as a sign of appreciation for myself. Going to cafes and ice-cream parlours; writing, scribbling notes or just simply reading while drinking coffee and enjoying cakes alone…(jomblo…only for a short while!Hehehe…).

Throughout this journey, I have learnt a lot. From understanding different scenarios, interactions with people (which is an on-going process), reacting to different situations but most importantly, learning about myself and improving, striving to be better every single day. I believe that every experience that i overcame has always been good. Both AMC & Platinum have great impact in my life, in so many ways that my way of thinking has changed tremendously. I stand firm on my belief that I changed my WhatsApp status that made few of my friends smile; *’Anak Bugis Yang Sentiasa Menaiki Escalator Kejayaan‘. I take pride in my Bugisness that one of the characteristics is bravery! Hehehe..  Some dared to asked me why escalator instead of a lift, which i applaud for their curiousity and observation. I simply replied, ‘I choose Escalator as i can control my ‘escalator’ of success to only go up; if I choose ‘lift’, it doesn’t always go up, by force it must come down. My ‘escalator’ is constantly moving up and it can accommodate everyone around me to take the same ‘escalator’ to go up as well; to strive to be better!

  1. pronoia – the opposite of paranoia: A person experiencing pronoia feels that the world around them conspires to do them good. (Wikipedia)
  2. mono-phobia : fear of being alone.
  3. A Bugis who Constantly Going Up the Escalator of Success


-Reena K.

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