In search of Positive Aura? Clean Up!

I did not realized it until I saw the tents and booths across town. At first thought, football match? Only when I headed towards the state mosque and saw the same scenario… aaah… Ramadhan! Yes, I have been quite occupied, and more so in May. Apart from my usual series of fortunate events, the highlight of course, was the back-to-back Platinum classes.

The whole group of us (Platinum Luminaries) was overjoyed knowing that Pak Firman was coming to town. Why the feeling? Unlike other courses, AMC only offers two (2) levels; the AMC and Platinum AMC… and that was it. Nothing else. All has been given and it all depends on the Luminaries to ‘modify’, ‘attract’ and to ‘create’ anything they ‘fancy’… Hehehe…

The anticipation was not purely social in nature. Among others, it is to regroup, exchange experience and ideas, and discuss glitches that Luminaries might have had ‘accidentally’ made. The most important thing was to refresh and receive updates on new materials by Pak Firman, himself… F.O.C.! The only additional cost was just our own cup of coffee which is nothing compared to the knowledge that had been received.

It was a timely event and that was, what it was meant to be. It was two weeks before Ramadhan which meant that this year we are better prepared than before— physically, digitally, mentally and spiritually.

Personally, I am better prepared this year as I am ‘rooted’ to Kuantan this Ramadhan due to my classes. My routines have gone through several changes due to changing sleeping patterns but otherwise, all is well.

One thing that I am yet to finish is cleaning up… It was one of those things that we were reminded of, when Pak Firman was here. Cleaning up physically, mentally and spiritually are done regularly and as and when needed but when it comes to the printed and digital materials… They accumulate, take up space and collect dust; if left unchecked.

Done with the newspapers and I am three quarter way in clearing up the magazines. Next will be the books… Most were shelved and forgotten, of their existence as well as their content… I think I should warn the recycling man to come in with an empty lorry!

Physical stuff like books, magazines and newspapers once thrown away, they never come back. Hence they are easier to discard. Digital messages are different. It is a class of its own. An eerie one, at that! Hehehe… They get recycled, and resent in all the groups you are in, and you waste time and effort deleting the same things that you had read in four other groups (if not more) and before you know it, they come back to haunt you again in a few months!  It gets worse with the coming of the general election… Hehehe…

I spent hours selecting messages to be deleted and at the end of the Nth hour, I decided to delete them all; without fear or favour. No, I did not email them either… you kidding me? That would be extra effort in deleting my inbox… Hehehe… Ooooh… my emails… my social media accounts… my gadgets… they need cleaning up too…

You must be wondering the point of it… discarding all my pre-loved magazines and books. Apart from collecting dust with no chance of re-reading them again, it is primarily because of their content. Not all of them but those which have negative plots and connotation…

It is a lesson learnt from one of the Luminaries… She desperately sought the Platinum course because of the problem she faced and could not find a way out. She found AMC while surfing for alternative solutions. “I sent text messages asking for details and I ‘gambled’ my way here.”, and she deposited the fee within days!

It is not uncommon for those who are in need to be fast in their action. She came, she found her solution and she is a happier and a more confident person than the first time I saw her.

It turned out that the ‘things’ that were happening to her, was her own doing… hehehe… She not only read romantic novels but unknowingly, she ‘became’ the characters that she read. Naturally, she ‘attracted’ everything that had happened. One may dismiss the idea to be preposterous, but remember the saying, ‘Life imitating art’? It won’t happen overnight but it happens…

In another conversation…

But I read it ages ago… The book is just sitting there! I don’t think that there is correlation between the two!

-Okay, care to explain the things happening in your life? Is it not like the book or maybe like the programs you watch on the television or the Net?

 (sound of silence)

-Hmmm… the drama of it all! Hehehe…

It is the same as the messages that we received via our smart phones. When immersing yourself reading about someone listing the symptoms of a heart attack and suddenly you feel you have a few of them… even though you are a young, fit and healthy being!

Ever wonder the reason after an airplane crashes, there will be a few others in the next few weeks?

Road accidents, fire, robberies…

Is it not like The Law of Attraction at work? I wonder who made it ‘work’? Wink! Wink!

Justify all you want, just let me get on with my clearing and cleaning…

Till we meet again,

Live long and Prosper!

–Nany JK

p/s: Othello, my dear Othello! How could I part from thee? My heart breaks but alas, be back in a form I fancy… Hehehe…

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