‘Sorry’ Seems to Be The Hardest Word…?

syawal-ramadhan-mudik-balik-kampung-physical-cultivate-forgiveness-apologize-amc-khairanyTomorrow is Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and I am in front of the laptop… writing, translating, calculating– working… Hehehe… One of the many luxuries in my life that I always enjoy… being here; meaning I am not physically involved in the annual ‘Balik Kampung’ or ‘Mudik’ syndrome. Being here; meaning that I have the time for everything that I want to and errr… for everything I have to do.

Hari Raya, is the time for all Muslims to rejoice for having gone through a month long of mental, physical, and spiritual training stint.

Hari Raya, also marks a new and better beginning whereby Muslims are supposed to continue practicing all the good things that they had trained themselves throughout the previous Ramadhan.

Hari Raya, is the time for Muslims to go back to their pristine roots; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mentally cleared of cloudy thoughts and negative judgments, physically rid of tainted visual and aural influences. Spiritually cleansed of weird cultural-based rituals and misunderstandings.

Hari Raya, is the best time for Muslims to ‘Balik Kampung’ or ‘Mudik’ to reinforce relationship with parents and close family members, and reconnect with extended family members and friends. A time for all of us to be with the people we love; those who love and accept us for who we really are regardless of anything and everything. Most importantly, bridging the gaps in our strained relationships due to miscommunication… made worse with the passing of time and  the acceleration of technology…

Hari Raya, is the best time to express our gratitude for all that have been bestowed upon us by The Almighty… the Ramadhan that we had successfully completed, the precious lives we have, a perfect functioning body and Mind plus all the pleasures we enjoy in every single day of our beautiful lives. The air that we breathe, the beautiful things we see, the perfect melody we enjoy, the sweet smell of our favourite scent and the delicious taste of our favourite food.

Hari Raya, is the best time to forgive. Not Forgive & Forget but Forgive & Remember the lessons we learnt from the episodes. Before forgiving others and asking forgiveness from others, let us start with ourselves. The things that make us who we are, are with us since the day we were born. After all these years, should we not acknowledge them (cells, organs, limbs etc.) for their good work and also seek forgiveness for all that we had done unto them?

“Dear Hand, forgive me for I had accidentally spilled hot coffee on you last month. I am trying to avoid drinking (hot coffee) and driving from now on.”

“Dear Legs, forgive me for making you work overtime last week. The lawn had to be mowed before Hari Raya. Next year, I try to be more organized. Okay?”

“My dear, dear Tummy… I am sorry for making you process all those food that I enjoy way beyond what I need. I am trying to cut down on coffee and desserts… but after Hari Raya, okay? Hehehe…”

Sounds a tad funny, eh? Well, each of us has been given just one body to last us for one life time. It is our responsibility to take care of it to the best of our ability. I believe that in order to have a well balanced life, apart from nourishment; we need to have a good relationship with our bodies. It is good to remember to avoid abusing any parts of the body and also to be able to seek forgiveness and forgive ourselves for all the ‘accidents’ and mistakes we had made towards each and every one (cells, organs, limbs etc)  of them till this very day. I believe we need to cultivate the ability to forgive ourselves for all our mistakes and learn from them,  regardless the magnitude for a healthier Mind, Body & Spirit.

I bid you ‘Au Revoir!’ and good luck in keeping a straight face while apologizing to your tummy after rounds of Open House episodes this festive month of Syawal. Selamat Hari Raya & enjoy the warmth, joy and the good food that keeps flowing this month!

–Nany JK

p/s: It was difficult but I am happy and relieved that I had shed my ego and apologized for all that I had done. They were in the past and starting from now, I am embracing a new & exciting phase of my life!

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