A Town Like Rompin

“Wow! This is amazing!”

That certainly summed up my recent trip to a town called Rompin.  It was an ‘unplanned’ (by normal standard) trip and the location that I had chosen was certainly different considering that it is the month of Syawal with rounds of endless open houses, weddings and birthdays… ‘Unplanned’ in this context meant that there were no lengthy discussions before hand on the travel details. It was just simply,

“The weather is really nice. How about we go to Rompin?” and we were on the road, an hour after that.

“You pergi mana? Bila call, asyik di luar kawasan… Ceruk mana pulak kali ni?”

“Rompin? What’s there? Kenduri? Raya? But it’s in the middle of the week!”

“Where is that place, again?”

Rompin? You, too might asked… Google it, okay? I get questions as such whenever those who are in contact with me got to know my whereabout… If it was Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or even London, they would not even bat both their eye lids but when it comes to small towns in Malaysia; a barrage of questions would definitely follow…

Be that as it may… It was an ‘unplanned’ trip by normal standard but before going I had personally ‘planned’ (by my standard) that it was to be a wonderful trip with a series of pleasant events for all of us (mom, aunt and I).

The traffic to and fro should be smooth, lunch should be delicious, service should be efficient, and of course, the beach should be as always, beautiful. Other good things that were to ‘happen’, would be bonuses. Hehehe… and only with those in Mind, I started the trip.

It was indeed a smooth journey with drivers behaving and lorry drivers giving way! Wait… Ops Selamat was over… Wow!                                                                                      –Checked–

Lunch was splendid as the dishes we wanted were available and we managed to get a table despite the lunch crowd!                                                                                                –Checked–

Service at the restaurant was efficient and friendly but the best service was at the fruit stall nearby.                                                                                                                               –Checked–

After paying, the 20-something fruit seller asked where we were from and what brought us there. Hmmm… Rompin is no stranger to me—at least once a year I would either just ‘do Rompin’ like that day or just stop for lunch on my way to Tanjung Gemuk, Mersing or Singapore.

She asked if we know anyone there, and I was like… interesting! I gave her the name of my late dad’s friend. It was then, it dawned upon me that it would be good to reconnect as it had been ten years since I last met him and the family.

So I gave her the full name but nothing… Not admitting defeat, she asked for the Uncle’s nickname. I shook my head and smiled (hehehe… remembering Reena’s article, Ada apa Dengan Nama’…). Seeing how serious she was in helping me, I furnished her with the details I could remember like the name of the Uncle’s father, a bit about where he was originally from, plus other bits and pieces.

As I finished, she was beaming,

“Saya kenal! Pakcik Atan Parang! Saya classmate anak dia!” (Okay Reena, Rompin is like Pekan and Kuantan where nicknames are common among the older generation. Hehehe…)

My mom was excited and decided to ask about a few relatives and friends. The girl knew all of them, where they live and their current situation. I just stood there, in awe. It is amazing for a 20-something year old girl to really know about the older generation. Asked me the same questions when I was her age and I would have called my parents and asked!                                                                                                                                                   –Bonus!–

We visited Pakcik Atan Parang in his new house with clear direction from the girl. It was nice to see him again. Looking at him made me remember all the good times that we had when I was little and of course, meeting him made me miss my dad terribly. I am happy to reconnect; to see him and the family again. Judging from his teary eyes, I guess he too felt the same…                                                                                                                            –Bonus!–

We left for the beach after that and it was nice though I did not get down. I was happy enough enjoying the view as we drove by.                                                                  —Checked–

On our way back from the beach, I decided to take on a different route much to my mother’s horror. Well, I was just being myself…Hehehe… It should be a pleasant experience, as I had wished and ‘planned’. Indeed it was as we got to enjoy a beautiful view by a river (Sungai Ayau) as the sun was setting down. All we could do was got down and marveled at The Almighty’s masterpiece before we head home.                              –Bonus!–

It is not entirely about the



mode of transportation,


the travel itinerary.

It is about having the right frame of Mind in preparing & creating for that memorable journey!

Live Long & Prosper!

–Nany JK

p/s: Amelia of Leban Chondong (Rompin): You are truly one amazing girl! I wish more of us are like you.

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