No Cyborg Hearts In This Century

raya-owndoings-health-running-treadmill-crutch-faith-humanity-cyborg-millenial-AMC-thinking-action-alphateamsolutions-keajaibanmindaMaybe it was my own doing, I was thinking of taking things slow, and ‘slooow’ was what I got!

Lesson learnt:

  1. Look before you leap… literally.
  2. And if possible, buy flight tickets on different days so that you give time for your body to rest!

It all started  the week before Hari Raya; after running on a treadmill. I thought it was a temporary muscle pain & just let it slide. The next few days I felt the pain again and  I could feel myself slowing down physically. It was a great effort to get from point A to point B and it was taking longer than usual! Sunday came and it was the day to ‘balik kampung‘ for Hari Raya, I was running from one airport to another, to catch the connecting flight. It was like an Amazing Race of my own kind. The pain was excruciating, but at the thought of Raya & Raya food, the pain had to take the back seat! I couldn’t care less and just applied medicated ointment all over the affected areas.

Right after I landed back on the Red Dot a few days later, I promised myself to go to the doctor just to get some medication and learn new stretching techniques. I went, and got my antibiotics and painkillers. The doctor only said that ‘only time could tell when it will heal,’ which was a downer since I needed a time-frame to see the progress. As the nurses handed me the medications, I just laughed as I am familiar with the medication and decided to give it a try, but… the pain continued.

Forward to Monday. I requested for a change of task from my supervisor.  Reason being… my right thigh felt like jelly and I couldn’t feel it anymore! I was limping badly that I couldn’t hide it anymore. After work, I met my family for a dinner treat and requested to be taken to a doctor. The doctor said that my thigh was swollen (and I thought I gained weight! Phew!) and yes… I suffered a groin strain (same thing happened 4 years ago but it was worse then. This was at a different area plus the pain was manageable). So, an MC for the next day and the strongest painkiller to help ease the pain. The after-effect: I slept the whole day and I threw up after every meal. So, for the first time, in my history, I got sick on my own Birthday! That was the funniest birthday I ever had.

To help support my right leg, I had to use THE crutch! It was to become my companion. I resumed work on Thursday and everyone was shocked and treated me like an invalid. As I couldn’t bend nor move so much, they assigned me only simple tasks. Later, my boss came up to me & instructed me to take leave in order for me to heal. I couldn’t be thankful enough!… and I am sooo glad to be working in this company!

Again, fast forward… I decided to go home for a short break to heal myself and to see my family in Malaysia. I had no choice but to bring THE crutch along. The journey began, as soon as I reached the first MRT station near my house. I was stopped by security. Not to check my backpack, but to ask about THE crutch. Little did I know the security recognized me &  I told him the story. We had a decent conversation about THE crutch and health for about 30 minutes; standing up. I could feel my leg perspiring even though I was on medication! Hehe…

At the airport, the check-in counter was waaayy at the back that I had to take pit stops to take a few breathers. In between stops, Changi staff asked if I was okay and if I needed any help, I just smiled and thanked them. I reached the counter after 35 minutes of walking! I decided to check-in early because I knew I had to… with my condition. To my surprise, the CISCO personnel assisted me at the entrance & helped to scan my passport.

Since I was very early, I decided to have breakfast at my usual place. Like any other famous coffee place, the barista would call for you to collect your order. But, in my case,  they called me, but the supervisor who had noticed my condition, asked the staff to serve me. I just smiled and thanked the staff.

Then, came the part when I realized I was at the wrong side of the gate! I guess I was too hungry to think straight, before that breakfast…  At that moment, the only thought was to run as fast as I could (Raya incident on repeat, Nooo!). I was looking at the gate number while I was about to walk when another Changi staff saw me and offered a buggy ride to the gate. At first I declined but she encouraged me to just hop-on since my gate had already opened. A short chat, before she left me at the gate. When I checked in, again, another CISCO personnel assisted me with my backpack (if you are flying Fireflyz the boarding room is below). While we were coming down the stairs, he asked me to slow down  to not worsen the pain. I smiled gratefully and thanked him profusely.

The check-in staff  informed the next person-in-charge to take proper action which I knew later to be that I was the first person to alight the bus and proper seat was prepared specially for me. There was a divider placed in the bus; to separate special care passengers, the aged & family with infants on one side & the rest, on the other. I was placed under ‘special care’, the first to sit, beating even the aged! There were a few attempts by an old couple wanting to skip the line, but was told off by Cisco & Fireflyz personnels. Suppressing my  true emotion… I thought to myself, ‘Boy, they do take care of me!’ I felt like a real princess! Even the Fireflyz stewardesses gave extra attention to me during the flight. When I reached my family home, I shared the story with everyone & my sister said, ‘If there was A REAL princess of any country on the same flight, she would also had to give way to you due to your condition!’ and we were all laughing about it. Sorry! It was surely a mere joke of the day.

Even though we are living in this millennial age, in which people are said to be only minding their own business, craving for social media attention and living in superficiality, I could still see there are a lot of warmth in mankind. AMC taught me that everything around us are suggestions that would become stored data. Thus, we have the right to think, judge and filter them before they are stored permanently in our sub-conscious. Why should we? One day, they would later manifest into reality. (remember ‘slooow’?)

My predicament has become a humbling process for me; the young  to the aged have to give way to me. in which I feel quite shy since their fitness level are better than mine, despite their age… and I’m the one who needed the ‘special’ seat in MRT! My stored data has always been: ‘if you do good, you get good’. It has been proven and I am ‘getting the good’ during THE crutch experience. What more can I say? Faith in Humanity: Restored.

Reena K.

P/S: I, now appreciate all the special care facilities that I used to neglect when I was studying for the sake of studying in  Ergonomics in Design classes. Thank you, my Lecturers!

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