Cara Terbaik Mencipta Hadiah


Ni akhir tahun tiba lagi. Sebelum masuk tahun baru 2017, saya begitu seronok memikir apa lagi hadiah yang saya perlu pada tahun 2017. Hihihihi saya pasti semua orang seronok mendapat hadiah sebab… percuma kan!!!. Sebab itu saya selalu meminta hadiah. Minta dengan siapa? Setelah belajar dengan Bapak Firman di kelas AMC, saya tidak perlu tahu siapa yang akan memberi saya hadiah, saya hanya tulis dan minta. Allah itu Maha Baik, Maha Pemberi, Maha Pemurah, kenapa takut untuk meminta. Cara saya?, seperti diajar di AMC, minta sahaja. Bagaimana? Continue reading

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Leave Those Kids Alone!

kdrama-gong-yoo-goblin-grim-reaper-pontianak-mythical-creatures-scary-evil-bewitched-stereotype-attention-perception-educate-children-fearless-description-new-year-blessed-monsoon-amc-keajaibanminda-aAhhh… Monsoon! So far, it has been kind to Kuantan… at least since I got back. Hehehe…
Not too much of monsoon madness here, this year; periods of a few days of steady rainfall, with a day of sunshine in between.

The blessed life! The blessed weather that soothes the soul for the remaining days of 2016… The rain that keeps most of us indoors means that we have to engage in monsoon-friendly activities (a.k.a. indulging our indoor hobbies…) to entertain ourselves; makan (nothing can stop us, not even the rain!), reading, writing, housekeeping, baking, watching the television, and surfing the internet, Hehehe…

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Unbelievable? Nah… It’s A Kind of Magic!


It is so good to be back! The rain, the kopitiams, the people, and especially the food! Oh, the blessed life that I missed during my solitude. Never mind the grass crying out to be mowed. Never mind the wailing of the trees that need pruning. Never mind the heaps of clothes that are needed to be laundered. I am happy; after recharging my system during my leave of absence.

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Thirty Days of Solitude


solitude-embrace-alone-worriedness-lonely-futile-personal-choice-recharge-holiday-quietness-amc-keajaibanminda-alphateamsolutions-reboot-defrag-telepathy-malaysia-khairanyThe Khan:

Are you sure you are going to be okay?

It’s for a month. What will you do?

What about food?

What if…

Hehehe… The usual questions whenever she is leaving for a holiday… I used to get upset by them.  Oh… her endless and unnecessary worry about my well being whenever she is leaving me behind for her trips! I used to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Honestly, I still secretly do but now I know– it is the thing that all mothers do. Now I just smile and reassure her that I am going to be okay – complete with a list of promises of the things I will and will not (maybe) do! (It’s like swearing in for office after winning an election. Hehehe…)

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Sowing The Seeds of…

black-magic-vodoo-data-gateway-choose-the-right-thoughts-kids-children-serenity-goodness-happiness-art-imitates-life-imitates-art-alphateamsolutions-khairany-malaysia The more I listen, the more I think that most people’s lives are like those of television shows. The drama of it all… seriously, if I don’t know better, I would have thought they are the scriptwriters of a few major television hit shows! Hmm…

My work does not only revolve around teaching and writing. Active listening is also an integral part of my job. It is interesting to listen to other people’s stories and experiences when they decide to open up. It helps me understand the persons they are and to identify the root of their rather… dramatic lives.

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Relighting The Fire of Hope

festival-illuminate-makan-awesome-one-nation-colour-blind-helping-hand-peace-love-hospitalsultanahaminah-deepavali-keajaiban-minda-alphateamsolutions-malaysia-khairanyIt is Deepavali this Saturday, the 29th of October! Another celebration means another round of makan-makan amongst us, Malaysians. Oh, we are so blessed to be here where food continues to flow in abundance all year round! Yeah, bring it on, please. Hehehe…

While I daydream about the goodies what Saturday brings, it dawned upon me the significance of the festival. It is supposed to be more than enjoying good food with close friends, eh? I just have to refresh my memory so as to be a good Malaysian, culturally. The knowledge I gained was from what I had learnt in school… Continue reading

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“What is The Colour of Love?”

what-is-love-relatiohnship-happiness-hopes-vision-of-love-wings-of-love-dreams-psychedellic-whats-the-color-of-love-keajaibanminda-amc-khairany-alphateamsolutions“What is The Colour of Love?”[1]

Is love only about… overcoming obstacles and hardship? Of sacrifice… suffering and of heartache? If it is all about those themes, then why do people do it repeatedly, risking  pride and self worth to be called irrational fools, all in the name of LOVE? Is it worth all that? Hmmm…

I had just finished watching 40 episodes of a Chinese television series, Chronicles of Love and at the end of it, I felt a bit upset and disappointed over the ending. It was unlike me to watch such genre but for the sake of the Khan, I did… to keep her company and besides, the shots were beautiful plus the hero is quite good looking!

(Yes, I am human too!)

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