Paranoia, I am not. Pronoia, it is!

Job Hopping! A term that I learnt from a famous Malaysian forum years ago. My first thought about job hopping was ‘Is it some kind of hobby to switch jobs or are they just unhappy?’ It sounds a bit harsh, I apologize. But, when I encountered it myself, I realized it is not a hobby. It is:

a) self discovery of your true blue potential in one’s career,

b) building up networks from different fields, and

c) how you handle yourself in different situations (which I am still learning).

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Young Dreams, Should Be Dreamt Together…

The results were finally out last week! Hence, the agony of waiting for three months had dissipated into thin air and now it is being replaced with decisions on the next stage of our young Malaysians’ lives. Regardless of the results, I would like to congratulate all who had sat through the SPM* examination. It is one of those things that a majority of young Malaysians have to go through in being Malaysians.

Being able to survive the examination is a feat, deserved to be congratulated! So many subjects and in less than two years! If one is in the Islamic stream, the subjects are doubled! Same goes for those taking the IGSCE* together with SPM… On top of that they have to fulfill the extracurricular activities requirement set by the government… Yes, they are a tough lot and of course, we all are. We had gone through the same system as well, and we survived! Challenges are different now but the constant is of course, unchanging— i.e. SPM! I used to joke with my trainees that SPM is the most valuable certificate that we, Malaysians, possess. Reason? Do peruse all the job vacancy advertisements in Malaysia regardless of the positions, and you will be pleasantly surprised! Hehehe…

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Why Should I Keep An Open Mind? No, thanks… I Prefer Safeguarding It!


Oh the two months is now finally over! From Christmas right through to the Chinese New Year, it was like an endless flow of festivals, celebrations… and of course, good food. It is good to be in the land of plenty! Hehehe…

Apart from the endless flow of delicious food, it was the time for me to enjoy reconnecting with a few of my friends, reinforcing relationship with extended family members, and meeting new and interesting people.

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Oh My… Weeds on Steroids?

weeding-gardening-garden-monsoon-assessment-self-auditing-doriangray-categorizing-progressing-better-individuals-khairany-amc-alphateamsolutions-kuantan-keajaibanmindaThe weeds are like… on steroids! Hehehe… Well, it is one of those things that monsoon brought each year. It is not so bad if you see it every day but when you are away for a month and come back to not a lawn but a sea of weeds, it is a different story. It can create quite an impact visually. Reaction varies from person to person depending on the individuals’ perception and reasoning…

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Cara Terbaik Mencipta Hadiah


Ni akhir tahun tiba lagi. Sebelum masuk tahun baru 2017, saya begitu seronok memikir apa lagi hadiah yang saya perlu pada tahun 2017. Hihihihi saya pasti semua orang seronok mendapat hadiah sebab… percuma kan!!!. Sebab itu saya selalu meminta hadiah. Minta dengan siapa? Setelah belajar dengan Bapak Firman di kelas AMC, saya tidak perlu tahu siapa yang akan memberi saya hadiah, saya hanya tulis dan minta. Allah itu Maha Baik, Maha Pemberi, Maha Pemurah, kenapa takut untuk meminta. Cara saya?, seperti diajar di AMC, minta sahaja. Bagaimana? Continue reading

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Leave Those Kids Alone!

kdrama-gong-yoo-goblin-grim-reaper-pontianak-mythical-creatures-scary-evil-bewitched-stereotype-attention-perception-educate-children-fearless-description-new-year-blessed-monsoon-amc-keajaibanminda-aAhhh… Monsoon! So far, it has been kind to Kuantan… at least since I got back. Hehehe…
Not too much of monsoon madness here, this year; periods of a few days of steady rainfall, with a day of sunshine in between.

The blessed life! The blessed weather that soothes the soul for the remaining days of 2016… The rain that keeps most of us indoors means that we have to engage in monsoon-friendly activities (a.k.a. indulging our indoor hobbies…) to entertain ourselves; makan (nothing can stop us, not even the rain!), reading, writing, housekeeping, baking, watching the television, and surfing the internet, Hehehe…

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Unbelievable? Nah… It’s A Kind of Magic!


It is so good to be back! The rain, the kopitiams, the people, and especially the food! Oh, the blessed life that I missed during my solitude. Never mind the grass crying out to be mowed. Never mind the wailing of the trees that need pruning. Never mind the heaps of clothes that are needed to be laundered. I am happy; after recharging my system during my leave of absence.

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